US Mission: Destroy EU To Avoid Impeachment

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By: Arindam Mukherjee
Updated: 16 September, 2022 4:43 pm IST
US president Joe Biden.


The New Indian has carried enough articles about what could be the true intentions of the US in the current Ukrainian conflict ( herehere, and here), or how one should not bank on the American government and policymakers. To rehash, the primary argument was so far based on two pillars: The first one is USA’s location and its insularity. It is a country that is geographically unique – with two vast oceans on two sides and two weak neighbours on the other two, and incredibly diverse coast-to-coast terrain which makes any military adventurism an impossibility. As a consequence, it could afford to destabilize any region in the world with zero care about a blowback. [A few of those that argue about 9/11 need to remember that after the Twin Tower and Boston Bombing, for close to two decades now, there has been no large-scale, mass hysteria inciting terrorist attacks in the US. But it is quite another story for the rest of the world.] And number two was predicated on the US’ historical behaviour with its allies, based on the different plans like PNAC (Project for the New American Century) that have been designed and executed to maintain US supremacy around the globe.

But this article is going to focus on something other than geographic uniqueness and past behaviour. A whistleblower has released a 6-page report that apparently originated in Rand Corporation – the leading conservative think-tank in the USA, and one that has apparently been submitted to the White House, the Department of State, NSA, and CIA; and here is the surprise: the DNC (not to the government, but straight to Democratic National Committee). The entire report and a covering write-up on the same are now available here. I would encourage readers to go through it. The report dates to January 2022 – which is a good one month before the Ukraine conflict began.

So, what is it all about, and why are we even considering it? For starters, the executive summary begins with the title: Weakening Germany, strengthening the US. The crux of it is that the US has been seriously weakened, and it could be on the brink of collapse following the pandemic and uncontrolled printing of money; which has already led to an epic fall in Biden’s popularity. If it continues this way, then he could be impeached, and this is something that has to be ‘avoided at all costs’.

So what is the goal? The goal is to avoid that by infusion of the dollar into the banking system by EU and NATO states. And just to be sure – if in case the US weakens further, and Germany, France etc try to navigate away and create a European economic unit – orchestrate their destabilization first. Both the pillars that prop the economic and industrial growth of France and Germany – nuclear fuel and gas – originate in Russia; hence the need to sanction Russia. (The report also mentions that it was through American intervention that Nord Stream 2 was junked.)

All that is good, but how could the Germans be forced to surrender to this preposterous idea? The report gets more interesting there. The idea is to use the Green warriors! Here is an excerpt: “The prerequisite for Germany to fall into this trap is the leading role of green parties and ideology in Europe. The German Greens are a strongly dogmatic, if not zealous, movement, which makes it quite easy to make them ignore economic arguments… Personal features and the lack of professionalism in their leaders… permit to presume that it is next to impossible for them to admit their own mistakes in a timely manner.”

With a successful economic and industrial sacking of Germany, the entire linked EU economy will hit a dead-end that is worth thousands of billion dollars; their currencies would be dumped, and this will strengthen the dollar back again and into the system of the EU. This single act would also achieve the secondary objective of keeping Germany away from the Russian sphere of influence. We have to remember that the EU, with its interests integrated with that of Russia (which is now considered fairly integrated with the rest of Asia), is more than just a nightmare for the US imperialists.

For those of us who have been quite at loss to comprehend why Europe is so bent on sabotaging its economy on its own, this report could answer a few of the questions. While readers are still absorbing the enormity of, or the shock of it, let us also keep in mind the small factor of the woke-industrial complex that public figures like Vivek Ramaswamy continuously warn us about.

There has been a certain degree of suspicion about the frequent use of useful idiots like Greta Thunberg or Malala Yusufzai as a mouthpiece for different woke agendas like climate crisis, equity, anti-Islamophobia and so on before, this report makes it amply clear about whose cat-paw these climate and social justice warriors are. [This also clears up one more thing: There is an extremely small number of serious thinkers around the world who maintain that the woke warriors are pawns of corporate capitalism. This report validates that.]

Rand Corporation has, of course, published an obligatory official statement junking the report. It might even try to take down the website that has published it, but digital media houses in a few select European states have already started carrying out stories on the same. While this might not change the course of the Ukraine conflict or the fallout of it, this might just make the readers and serious geopolitical observers in India a little more aware of the fact that is US imperialism and the extent the institutions are willing to go to preserve its continuity.

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