LGBTQ relations need a separate legal framework

The Supreme Court will on Monday take up a bunch of petitions seeking legal recognition of same-sex marriages. The petitioners feel that the next logical progression to the decriminalisation of homosexuality is marital rights. Since marriage in India among minority communities continues to be driven by their personal laws, the recognition of same-sex marriages has

How India is sculpting a multipolar world

India is currently making a sterling contribution into the consolidation of South-to-South relations that is more intended to promote national interest in particular and rapid development of the countries in the South in general.

Legality of live-in, same-sex marriage, polygamy – and society

In February, a PIL was filed in the Supreme Court for formulating rules for the registration of live-in relationships in India. It also sought mandatory registration of such partnerships. On the other side, a batch of Writ Petitions in the SC seeks recognition of same-sex marriages in India, which has been referred to a 5-judge

Can Georgia avert another colour revolution?

Russia has kept its military presence in the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia against Georgian wishes.

India-Italy relations hit a new high with Meloni’s visit

Nothing was lost in translation when Prime Minister Narendra and her Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni addressed the joint press conference following their bilateral summit earlier this month.  One speaking in Hindi and the other in Italian – the duo displayed a certain degree of synergy and mutual admiration. That they had hit it off was