India faced not just Pakistan, but Britain too on Kashmir in 1947

While raking up the past, let us also remember that India took to the UNSC a straight-forward request that, in order to avert war, the UN should make Pakistan withdraw all its personnel from the state, which was now a part of India. Under the British delegation's influence, the UN turned that simple request into an issue for the Security Council to arbitrate between Pakistan and India.

Islamic values & Muslim women in politics of India

The statement of the Shahi Imam of Ahmadabad’s Jama Masjid Shabbir Ahmed Siddiqui in Gujarat has exposed the general religious attitude of the ummah towards Muslim women in the political sphere. The usual suspects can be expected to come up with apologia or maintain a strategic silence since this controversial statement doesn’t correspond with the

Kashmiri Hindus: Sacrificial lambs of Indian state

Back in the 1990s when we were leaving everything behind in order to save ourselves, our women and children, we hadn’t thought we were leaving for good. The general feeling was that everyone will be back when things calm down. 32 years have passed since then and yet we are still nowhere close to going

Denial hurts Muslims too

Denial is at the core of human behaviour. In the psychology of human behaviour, denialism is a person’s choice to deny reality to avoid a psychologically uncomfortable truth. Uncomfortable truths can be very hard to face and especially to be held responsible for such uncomfortable truths by virtue of belonging to that community can be

Why India should choose careful response on Iran protests

According to the narrative of Western media and establishment, colour revolutions are basically non-violent mass protests aimed at changing the existing quasi-democratic governments through electSions. They are counter-elite, they are mass-driven, and they chiefly protest against fraudulent elections too, among other things. These narratives do not go beyond, to explain for instance, if non-violence is

Stop thinking of Galwan as a loss! Indian soldiers were outstanding

The whole story is a bit like Alice in Wonderland. First, a Bollywood starlet decided to troll an army commander. That was bad form. But her comment itself was based on a misconception about what happened at the Battle of Galwan on 15th June 2020. And most of the responses which have slammed her for

Bringing Up Muslim Sons

I heard Dr Rizwan Ahmed, a lawyer and TV debater as his Twitter bio says, suggesting on a talk show that Hindu girls/women need to be told to keep away from Muslim boys because Muslim boys are dangerous. I disagree with this statement because I don’t think this is a piece of realistic or practical

Russian Retreat From Kherson: A Trap Or A Defeat?

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict has captured the interest and imagination of a large section of people around the world. Conflicts, especially the ones where both sides field big names, are perennial crowd-pullers. Add to that the ease of social media access, and we have millions around the world today, along both sides of the aisle, hungry

How Freethinking In Islam Is Suppressed: Part 2

The artificial doctrines belted from the pulpits every week are sweeping away the legacy of Islam’s freethinkers, especially at a time when it is needed the most with sectarian warfare within Islam getting bloodier by the year.

What India Can Learn From Kherson’s Fall

Author and analyst David Devadas argues that Indian wargamers must take lessons on how Chinese supply lines could be disrupted – and Indian diplomats must ensure that Western and Asian countries share intelligence that allows pinpoint targeting.