TNI ground report: BJP president JP Nadda pays tribute to Sharad Yadav

BJP president JP Nadda hailed Sharad Yadav as the “leading voice of the oppressed”.

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By: Anand Singh | Alok Singh | Sumit Kumar | Tonmoy Thakur | Amit Rawat | NEW DELHI
Updated: 14 January, 2023 2:03 am IST

A galaxy of leaders from across the political spectrum on Friday descended on the residence of socialist stalwart Sharad Yadav in Delhi to pay their last respect to the former Union minister, with BJP president JP Nadda hailing him as the “leading voice of the oppressed”.

BJP chief Nadda said that the departed leader was a “leading voice of the oppressed section of society”. “We will always miss his presence in Indian politics. His commitment to the welfare of people and fight for socialist ideology throughout his life will continue to inspire us,” he said.

Hailing the RJD leader as a “great human being”, the BJP president described him as an eloquent speaker and a straightforward person. “He was a leading voice of the downtrodden, Dalits, backwards, and the poor.”

Nadda further said that he had political and ideological differences with Yadav, who served as a Union minister under PMs VP Singh and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. “But his commitment towards the welfare of common people, his colleagues and supporters is worth following,” Nadda said.

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