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India-US To Conduct War Exercise Near China Border

DEHRADUN: Armed forces of India and the United States of America will hold their regular Yudhabhyas series of war exercises in the Auli of Chamoli district at the India-China border in Uttarakhand. This would be the 18th of the Yudhabhyas wargames between India and the US to help enhance interoperability between the two sides. The field combat exercise

EDITORIAL: Zawahiri’s Killing Too Late, Too Little

It took the CIA, supposedly the most competent intelligence agency in the world, 21 years to search and kill al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri, the biggest ideologue of Islamist terrorism and mastermind of the 9/11 terror attacks. The Egyptian physician-turned-terrorist, Zawahiri was knocked off in a US drone strike in Afghanistan on July 31. The ailing

A Crisis Brews In The Western Camp

The US Ambassador to Georgia has been trying hard to drag Georgia into the Ukrainian crisis to take the West’s side. This has been under two assumptions: 1. Georgia does not enjoy a good relationship with Russia post 2008 Georgian War; and 2. The EU had promised Georgia candidate status in the Union. One naturally

Can India Depend On The US?

Shooting your own foot Let us begin with a clip from an article in CBS titled “Russia’s Ruble is the strongest currency in the world this year”: “Commodity prices are currently sky-high, and even though there is a drop in the volume of Russian exports… the increase in commodity prices more than compensates for these

Tech Transfer Will Take Indo-US Relations To Newer Heights: Experts

NEW DELHI: A pool of defence and strategic experts cautioned that “unless there is a greater degree of technology transfer between the US and India, the full potential of the partnership in areas like joint research and development cannot be tapped”. They were speaking during a virtual meeting organised by the Kolkata centre of research

CPEC Is An Indication Of A Bigger Problem For China

The conventional thinking among the Indian population, those that are aware of the behemoth named CPEC, is that it is China’s way of encircling India by debt-trapping Pakistan into a project that Pakistan does not have the financial capacity to absorb. And they would be partially correct in assuming so. An infrastructural project of that

GROUND REPORT: This Biden Official Is Camping In Dharamsala; Tibetans Hope US Will Pull Up China

  MCLEOD GANJ (DHARAMSALA): In the first high-level contact between the United States and leaders of the Tibetan government-in-exile since President Joe Biden took over in January last year, US government undersecretary and special coordinator for Tibetan affairs Uzra Zeya reached Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh, raising hopes for Tibetans that China will be stopped from

Ex-Amnesty India Chief Aakar Patel Can Fly Abroad: Delhi Court

  NEW DELHI:  A special CBI court on Saturday upheld a trial court’s order directing the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to withdraw the lookout circular (LOC) against former Amnesty International India chief Aakar Patel. However, the court set aside the direction issued to the CBI director to tender a written apology to Patel for