Record Rainfall Catches Jodhpur Unawares As It Battles Waterlogging

| Updated : July 27, 2022, 8:52 pm
Updated : July 27, 2022, 8:52 pm


JAIPUR: The historic city of Jodhpur came to a standstill after two days of heavy rains, which have broken the 15-year record. The city administration was caught napping as waterlogging made the lives of citizens miserable.

According to the administration, eight houses had collapsed and six people lost their lives in the floods on Tuesday while many residential colonies are still waterlogged.

The Municipal Corporations of Jodhpur – South and North have received more than 500 distress calls in the last 24 hours. Mud pumps were installed at various places to get water out of people’s homes, and many workers of disaster relief teams are still working in the city to help people.

Arun Purohit, commissioner of Jodhpur Municipal Corporation – South said, “We didn’t expect such heavy rainfall in the city. Hundreds of distress calls are still being received. We are in alert mode and our teams are working efficiently. We have installed mud pumps and JCB wherever required. Our officials are in touch with the public and whatever help necessary will be provided.”

Mayor Kunti Parihar of Jodhpur Municipal Corporation – North, also visited Maderna Colony and the Kaga area where a wall collapsed due to lightning. The mayor instructed the corporation officials to finish the rescue work. She also held a meeting with the residents of the area and the local ward councillors.

Parihar directed the administrative officers and corporation officials to make adequate arrangements for drainage of water, as well as to drain the water by installing mud pumps in the high waterlogged areas so that the local people don’t face problems.

Commissioner of Jodhpur Municipal Corporation – North, Rajendra Kaviya said that apart from making rescue plans, food packets are being distributed amongst people and Indira Rasoi staff is also advised to give free food to the residents so that people won’t have a shortage of food.

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