PFI Forced Youngsters To Join Terror Organisations: NIA Remand Copy

In some serious allegations against the PFI, the NIA said that the organisation forced youngsters to join proscribed terror organisations like Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba, ISS and others.

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By: Anand Singh | NEW DELHI
Updated: 23 September, 2022 7:53 pm IST
PFI supporters protest against recent NIA searches (File Photo)

In some serious allegations against the Popular Front of India (PFI), the National Investigation Agency (NIA) said that the organisation forced youngsters to join proscribed terror organisations like Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba, ISS and others.

In its remand copy, the NIA also alleged that the organisation encouraged the youngsters to indulge in anti-national activities.

The move came a day after the national anti-terror probe agency carried out a nationwide predawn search on Thursday. The NIA searched 93 locations across 15 states and arrested 45 people.

The remand copy also listed that during its searches, NIA also seized documents related to the “targeting of prominent leaders of a particular community”. NIA also alleged that the “seized hit list clearly shows that the PFI has gone far ahead in creating atrocities among the community”.

The agency, on September 22, arrested 19 people from 39 locations in Kerala, out of which 11 are from the PFI Kochi module case and eight others in separate PFI Delhi module case.

In connection with the new case, that the anti-terror probe agency registered on September 19 this year in Kochi, the agency, besides PFI, has named Karamana Ashraf Moulavi, national in charge, the education wing of PFI; Abdul Sathar, state general secretary of PFI in Kerala; Sadiq Ahmed, district secretary, PFI in Pathanamthitta; Shihas, Zonal Secretary of PFI in Kottayam, MM Mujeeb, Divisional Convener of PFI Nadackal Erattupetta Division; Najumudeen, Divisional Convener of PFI in Mundakkayam; and Ansari P Slo Pareekkochu, Joint Convener of PFI of Nadakkal Division.

NIA also named Sainuddeen TS, a district Secretary of PFI in Kottayam; PK Usman aka Pallikkaranjalil Kunjippu Usman aka Usman Perumpilavu, Member, NGA of PFI Thrissur; Yahiya Koya Thangal, State Executive Council member of PFI Kerala; CA Rauf, State Secretary, Media and PR wings of PFI Kerala; K Muhammedali aka Kunhappo, National In Charge, Expansion wing of PFI and CT Sulaiman, District President of PFI in Kerala’s Kasaragod and others.

In the remand report submitted in court, the NIA alleged that the PFI leaders took part in terrorist activity as part of Jihad. It also alleged that they made efforts to bring Islamic governance to India.

The NIA pointed out that calling a hartal in Kerala against the arrest of PFI leaders proves the influence they have over the public in the state.

The NIA alleged that during the searches on the premises linked to PFI members, the agency sleuths seized various articles and documents, which contained highly incriminating materials related to the “targeting of prominent leaders of a particular community”.

“The hit list seized clearly shows that the PFI, which is working through its leaders, members, and associates, has gone far ahead in creating atrocities among the community. More investigation is required in this aspect, not only to obtain more evidence but also to prevent a bloodbath in society,” the NIA alleged.

The NIA further alleged that during its probe on the basis of the materials collected, it has been disclosed that the accused named in the FIR were actively involved in “organized crimes and unlawful activities repeatedly, to terrorise other religious sections of the society besides creating fear in the mind of the general public based on the larger conspiracy hatched among themselves and others”.

The initial scrutiny of the materials collected and the investigation conducted, also pointed out the incriminating roles played by the accused in this case, the agency alleged.

The agency also alleged that its probe so far revealed that the accused have used various “social media platforms for their secret communications” for committing the offence.

“The digital devices seized during the searches are required to be forensically analysed to unearth the larger conspiracy behind this offence. The mirror images of the seized digital devices are required to be analysed and incriminating materials found if any are to be confronted with the arrested accused in custody.

The digital devices seized from the accused and also from the offices of the PFI are required to be analysed at CDAC, Trivandrum, the agency said.

The NIA said in its remand application that the incriminating materials so found in the digital devices and the social media accounts are required to be confronted with the accused by taking them into NIA custody to unearth a larger conspiracy hatched by the accused or their cadres, office bearers or leaders of PFI.

It also said that the case involves “key players” of society and they are highly influential, even to the effect of “stalling the community” and its progress by a “mere call”.

The common man stands threatened by the stand taken by the accused and their henchmen, it alleged.

The NIA informed the court that two of the FIR named accused, Abdul Sathar and CA Rauf, who were not arrested, had called for a state-wide hartal on Friday, and this clearly shows the influence wielded by the accused.

The NIA also apprised the court that if these (10 arrested) accused are released on bail, they would abscond and also tamper with evidence in this case as they are highly influential, which is seen from the repercussions after their arrest.

“If they are released on bail, they will definitely go underground and their presence cannot be secured for effective investigation of this case and for subsequent trial,” it added.

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