Kumar Vishwas’ U turn: Mocks RSS on vedas’ knowledge, retracts after taunts

| Updated: 24 February, 2023 7:19 am IST

Poet Kumar Vishwas famous for his wit and satirical take on politics is facing the heat from the BJP and its ideological fountainhead Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh after he called RSS members “illiterate.” During an event in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain, Vishwas recalled an incident where a RSS worker asked him about the nature of the Budget.

“There was no Budget in Ram Rajya, ” said the boy, to which I said ‘This is your problem. While the leftists are kupadh (ill-informed), and you are anpadh (illiterate). There is a fight between only two kinds of people in this country — One are leftist, who are ill-informed. They have studied everything but have studied wrongly; And the other one is [RSS], they haven’t studied at all,” he told the audience.

The comment resulted in sharp reactions from some BJP leaders and supporters of the party on social media.

Kumar Vishwas later issued a clarification saying his words were being read in the wrong way. In a video, Vishwas said that he was talking about a boy who works in his office and who also happens to be  an RSS worker.

“He studies less and speaks more. I told him that he should study. I said’Leftists are ill-informed and you are illiterate’.”

“Forgive me if this episode has entered in some different way in your common sense.”

Vishwas also asked those who threatened to disrupt Kumar Vishwas’s upcoming shows to “keep in mind what kind of people disrupt Ram Katha.”

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