HP Polls: Know Who Kufri Rabbit Rearers, Yak Owners & Horse Riders Will Vote For?

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By: Urvashi Khona | Tonmoy Thakur | KUFRI, HIMACHAL PRADESH
Updated: 12 November, 2022 9:05 am IST
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The New Indian‘s Urvashi Khona travels to the remote village of Kufri in Himachal to learn who they’re rooting for this time.

The voters of the hill state have never allowed a government run for a second consecutive term.

It will be a difficult test for the current ruling party BJP in Himachal, where they’ve thrown their weight behind their campaign – “Riwaj badlo” or “Change the trend” Kufri villagers who are entirely dependent on tourism for sustenance demand better infrastructure to support tourism activities.

They believe that tourism has a potential to generate self-employment opportunities for the youngsters in the village.

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