‘Felt like I was dying’: Elon Musk tweets about Covid booster shot side-effects 

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By: TNI Team
Updated: 21 January, 2023 3:04 pm IST

A covid booster shot has resulted in major health side effects for Elon Musk, said the billionaire businessman in a tweet today. 

“I had major side effects from my second booster shot. Felt like I was dying for several days. Hopefully, no permanent damage, but I dunno.” read his tweet. 

He also cited the health problems of his younger cousin due to the booster shot. “My cousin, who is young & in peak health, had a serious case of myocarditis. Had to go to the hospital,” he tweeted. 


Singaporean businessman Min-Liang Tan backed up Musk’s claim with a tweet. “Same experience – I did Pfizer, Pfizer, Pfizer, Moderna Bivalent and had a really bad reaction from the last shot,” he wrote. Several other prominent Twitter personalities reported developing side effects following vaccination or booster shots. 

Musk’s Twitter thread contained data from a news website saying that 7 percent of those who received Covid-19 Vaccination reported side effects, which as per the media outlet translates to 12 million affected people.

The development happens days after there were reports of increased heart stroke as a side-effect of using Pfizer and BioNTech covid boosters. 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are investigating “preliminary signal” of whether there might be an increased risk of stroke for people who got Pfizer and BioNTech’s updated Covid-19 vaccine booster.

Meanwhile, Pfizer CEO’s visit to Davos has become a global talking point. Albert Bourla faced tough questions from the media on why the vaccine manufacturer kept from revealing that its vaccine did not stop transmission of the Covid-19 virus and if those who bought the vaccines should be given a refund. 

In 2020, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO had said he would not take a Covid-19 vaccine if one were to become available as he believed that neither he nor his kids were at risk of Covid. 

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