Delhi Police Nabs Creator Of ‘Sulli Deals’ From MP’s Indore

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By: Anand Singh
Updated: 09 January, 2022 6:47 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Intensifying their probe into the Bulli Bai case, the Delhi Police’s IFSO unit on Sunday arrested the alleged creator of Sulli Deals application.

IFSO DCP KPS Malhotra told The New Indian that arrested accused has been identified as Aumkareshwar Thakur a resident of Madhya Pradesh’s Indore.

“Thakur is a BCA from IPS Academy in Indore. During preliminary interrogation, he has admitted that he was member of a trad-group on twitter and the idea was shared to defame and troll Muslim women,” said Malhotra.

According to the officer, Thakur had developed the code on GitHub. “The access of GitHub was with all the members of the group. He had shared the app on his twitter account. The photos of the muslim women were uploaded by the group members,” he shared.

Malhotra further stated that Thakur had joined a group on twitter by the name of Tradmahasabha in January 2020 and was using twitter handle @gangescion.

“During various group discussions, the members discussed about trolling muslim community women. He then went on to develop the code/app on GitHub,” he said.

The officer said, “After the uproar regarding the Sulli Deals app, he had deleted all his social media footprints.”

Further interrogation and analysis of the technical gadgets is underway to find out the codes/images related to the Sulli Deals app, he shared.

This is the second arrest by the Delhi Police in last three days. Earlier, IFSO has arrested Niraj Bishnoi from Assam’s Jorhat.

Sharing more details on the role of Bishnoi, Malhotra said, “During social media monitoring, it it was learnt that one and claimed that he had interviewed the arrested accused Bishnoi, hours before the arrest.”

Malhotra said that in this regard, it is clarified that Bishnoi, was disturbed after the arrest of three of his followers namely Vishal Jha, Shweta Singh and Mayank Rawal.

“He wanted to divert the attention of the media by claiming that Vishal and Shweta were innocent. To propagate this fact, he had created twitter account @giyu44 and started sharing the screenshots of the code creation and the email accounts used by him for creating the code on GitHub,” the officer said.

He said, “Bishnoi had received mail from GitHub on the email account used by him, as a policy measure of GitHub that they had received information request from a law enforcement agency.”

The officer further said that to support his claim of creation of the Bullibai app and to prove the innocent of earlier arrested accused persons, he had shared the login details, email details and screen shots with one Shubham Sharma and on twitter also.

He also said that Bishnoi had “intentionally divulged” the details with Shubham Sharma and on twitter to gain publicity.

“He had shared only partial details to support his claim of creation of app. He communicated through VPN with them also, so that he could not be traced,” Malhotra said, adding that Bishnoi was challenging the law enforcement agencies to nab him.

“By using VPN and proton emails, he believed that he would never be traced and arrested,” the officer added.

The Delhi Police had registered a case following massive uproar on the auctioning of Muslim women on the eve of new year.

Till date five people have been arrested so far in connection with the webpages where hundreds of Muslim women were “auctioned”.

Three arrests have been made by Mumbai Police and two by Delhi Police.

The police said the accused appeared to have used names related to the Sikh community in their Twitter handles which promoted the webpages in order to mislead people about their identity and add a communal angle.

The Mumbai Police is probing two such controversial webpages hosted on the code sharing platform, GitHub. The first web page was floated in July 2021 and the second, Bulli Bai, surfaced on January 1.

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