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Indian History Writing Glorifies Invaders And Sidelines Architects of Our Civilisation : Vikram Sampath

Editor-in-Chief Aarti Tikoo and historian and author Vikram Sampath talk about his book “Bravehearts of Bharat: Vignettes from Indian History”, the Delhi-centric, and misogynist lens of history writing.

4 Startups Led By IIT Delhi Students Bag ₹2 Cr Grant

Four startup ventures led by students of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi have won a grant of ₹50 lakhs each under the Endowment Nurture Fund initiative launched by the IIT Delhi Endowment Management Foundation, institute administration said. Startups Circle, Bag-It, Onpery, and I-Stem are founded and helmed by students of the institute. While Circle,

This Ayurveda-Based Tool Can Help You Live Healthy & Productive Life

India’s quest for living a disease-free and super-productive life has been focused on preventive personal healthcare with a renewed thrust on identifying and implementing a set of dietary and habitual changes that work best for a person. In Ayurveda, this set of characteristics is known as prakriti or the characteristic personality of an individual. To make the

IIT Madras Gets ₹1081-Cr For Research, Consultancy In 2022

In a first, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras has generated more than ₹1,000 crores in funding and revenue, including ₹313 crores in industry consultancy, during the current financial year, said officials. The institute has received ₹768 crores of funds from projects sanctioned by the state and Central governments during Financial Year 2021-22. IIT-M

IndiGo Plane Catches Fire: Narrow Escape For 177 Passengers, 7 Crew Members

The falling standards of IndiGo once again came to the fore as at least 177 passengers and seven crew members had only the almighty to thank after a near-death experience on Friday.