Sino-Pak Axis, Tactical Nukes Pose Dangers To PoK Takeover

Recent statements of defence minister Rajnath Singh and the corps commander in Srinagar reveal that some of those in authority are considering aggressive moves to retake areas of Jammu and Kashmir that are currently controlled by Pakistan, widely referred as “Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir”.  Referring to a 1994 parliamentary resolution, Singh, during his recent J&K visit, said India’s …

Imran and Benazir – Faint Similarity; Predictable Consequence

The attack on Imran Khan is not something out of the blue. The New Indian had expressed concerns back in early September about the possibility of incidents along the same lines.

CBDC: The Futuristic Indian Currency ‘e-Rupee’

Before the introduction of currency, we had a barter system for the exchange of goods and services in ancient India since the Vedic ages. Over the years, the barter system had been replaced by more convenient precious metals or metals of different weights for the exchange of goods. The excavations at Mahenjo-Daro present strong evidence …

Europe’s Date With Nationalism

With Giorgia Meloni becoming their Prime Minister, Italy becomes the fourth nation in mainland Europe that has wholeheartedly voted for nationalistic, right-aligned parties to power. There is a speech by PM Meloni that received a lot of traction; got translated into different languages, English included. The readers are advised to watch it. What is notable …

Diwali Gift For UK’s New PM — 130 Years After Pietermaritzburg

So, on Diwali, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak got the support of enough British MPs to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom (UK). That happened on Diwali was a coincidence, but must have pleased Sunak no end. Remember, he had very publicly performed gau puja (cow worship) during his earlier …

Pakistan’s Unfulfilled Dream Of Annexing Kashmir

Pakistan’s obsession with Kashmir started much before the Islamic nation became a reality.

Tokenism of Kharge’s Win and Many Challenges That Lie Ahead

The biggest challenge that Kharge now faces is Ashok Gahlot. Can he upstage the Rajasthan chief minister and install Sachin Pilot as the new chief minister?

US Is Set To Lose Its Game Against India

In December 1971, as the Indian Army tightened its noose against the Pakistani Army around Dhaka, then US president Richard Nixon asked his secretary of state Henry Kissinger to ask the Chinese if they could move, or threaten to move some forces to deter India from crushing Pakistani forces in the east. “They got to …

The Predicament Of Muslim Reformers

Western imported ideas did indeed bring great wealth to the Muslim world, but it was accumulated by upper-class minorities, who built cocoons of modern enclaves far away from the daily grind of the common people, whose fears were already exploited by superstitious mullahs and extremists.

Himachal Election: A Seesaw Game Between BJP And Congress

Himachal Pradesh, besides being a crucial border state, has witnessed interesting voting patterns. It has been witnessing a see-saw battle between the Congress and the BJP.