Amrit Pal Singh, a Frankenstein in the making

India’s hyper-sensitive border state Punjab is on the boil and if the situation is not brought under control, it may hurtle to anarchy. The cult of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, the 14th head of Damdami Taksal (Over 300 years old Sikh religious institution) has resurfaced with ominous dimensions. The emergence of Amritpal Singh Sandhu as

Rehabilitation of extremists is a state’s responsibility

Rehabilitation programmes for surrendered extremists aim to help individuals who have been involved in extremist activities disengage from violence and reintegrate into society

Regressive Left needs to remember victims it betrays

While Swara and her husband can have a blast in their upcoming celebrations, they need to remember the ordinary Muslim men and women who can't enjoy such freedoms despite the Constitution of India giving them the right to do so.

One year of Ukraine conflict: Changing geopolitical realities

How the world has changed since Russia decided to act in response to NATO-EU’s series of betrayals on Feb 24 last year.

Jammu’s ‘White Oil’ moment has come

Discovering lithium reserves is an opportunity to benefit the long conflict-ravaged region and integrate it into the robust economy that is thriving post-pandemic