Bharat Matrimony Advertisement: Why this propaganda?

As the world embraces the festival of colours, the famous matrimonial service provider launches a smear campaign

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Updated: 08 March, 2023 7:58 pm IST
Bharat Matrimony applied different yardsticks to celebrate festivals of different religions

The all-encompassing festival of colours, Holi, is all about joy and making merry. However, the famous matrimonial service provider, Bharat Matrimony, found itself in a storm of controversy after it ran an advertisement that shows Holi in a negative light.

The advertisement showed a female model washing the Holi colours off her face. Once the colours are gone, the face of the female model is shown with bruise marks, representing that she was abused when she played Holi.

“Some colours don’t wash away easy. Harassment during Holi leads to immense trauma. Today, a third of women who’ve faced this trauma, have stopped playing Holi,” the ad claimed.

The advertisement triggered a massive outcry on social media with #BoycottBharatMatrimony trending on Twitter.

“Waiting for the day when @bharatmatrimony will release an ad with a woman who removes her burkha to show multiple bruises to her faces, with woke gyan on how hijab is dehumanising women! Why is all feminist gyan given only on Hindu festivals?” tweeted author Shefali Vaidya.


“Under the name of #Holi, Bharat Matrimony gives gyan to Hindus on violence against women. Bharat Matrimony has used the beliefs of Indians for some financial gain! If you want to have fun, play with colors instead of feelings! Sorry, @bharatmatrimony! #BoycottBharatMatrimony,” tweeted Advocate Ashutosh J Dubey.


“Bharat Matrimony has become [email protected] Matrimony: busy giving lectures to Hindu’s on their festivals. Looks like Soros money is at play. Bharat Matrimony hired Haider Ali of @WondrlabI to create this advertisement, & what else can be expected from him…..#BoycottBharatMatrimony,” tweeted Radharamn Das, vice president and spokesperson ISKCON Kolkata, blaming the creator of the advertisement for the biased ad.


“Ask your content head Mr Ali Haider Amir how many women suffer female genital mutilation, nikah mutah, nikah halala, on this women’s day don’t keep silent on women being killed in Iran over hijab. #BoycottBharatMatrimony. You pick up our festivals, we will destroy your business,” Shivangini Patha tweeted.


Pointing out the different tones and tenors of celebrating festivals of different religions, Lakshmi Singh tweeted, “Wokeism/activism only on Hindu festivals. Different stance at Different occasion. #BoycottBharatMatrimony.”


“#BoycottBharatMatrimony. Why can’t we celebrate both festival’s ? @bharatmatrimony,” Govinda wondered.

“As per @bharatmatrimony killing innocent animal is celebration and playing colour and enjoy with family and friends without harming anyone is kind of harassment. Wow what a hypocrisy #BoycottBharatMatrimony,” Piyu pointed out as Bharat Matrimony spoke about Allah accepting one’s sacrifices in Eid al-Adha.

“See the anti Hindu mindset of @bharatmatrimony. Why doesn’t the attention go towards the sexual misconduct happening in madrasas and churches, instead of attacking Hindu festivals? #BoycottBharatMatrimony,” Vishwa Hindu Parishad national spokesperson Vinod Bansal tweeted.

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