Association Of ‘Ravanas’ Formed In Rajasthan To Eradicate Social Evils

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By: Parul Kulshreshta | JAIPUR
Updated: October 5, 2022 18:13

A unique association of ‘Ravanas’ is formed in Rajasthan with an objective of eradicating social evils. At present, 10 ‘Ravana’ artists from Kota, Bundi and nearby areas are part of this association but plans are underway to expand it in every parliamentary constituency in India.

These artists have established ‘Karmayogi Ravana Sarkar’ association. Each one of them will travel to Ram Temple in Ayodhya to spread the message of peace, harmony and prosperity in the country.

Founder of this organization, Rajaram Jain, told The New Indian, “It has been noticed that every year there is a competition to build a taller Ravan in the country. Why are we trying to increase the height of evil? We can the manifestation of evil terrorism, human trafficking and other crimes in the country. There is a Ravana in all of us. We must fight against that.”


Rajaram further stated when the construction of Ram Temple will be completed in Ayodhya and the idol of ‘Ram Lalla’ will be enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum in 2024, the ‘Ravana’ artists from all the parliamentary constituencies in the country would atone for the mistakes of history.

The members of the association have urged the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to act upon their four demands: 1) Abolishment of begging, 2) Launch of ministry of last rites, 3) Bring back ‘Kohinoor’ diamond from England, and 4) Restriction on increasing the height of ‘Ravana’ effigies.

“No member of the ‘Karmayogi Ravana Sarkar’ will take political office. We are making an action plan pertaining to social issues and our first motto is to make India a beggar-free country,” he clarified.

Apart from Rajaram Jain, some of the other members in the organization are Ashwatthama Dadhich of Raghavendra Kala Sansthan, Deepak Sharma of Shri Ram Kala Sansthan and Neeraj Nirala of Shri Chaturbhuj Nath Mandal Committee.

During the launch of the association in Kota, all the actors were dressed as ‘Ravana’.


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