China, Japan, South Korea trilateral meet-What does it mean for world?

NEW DELHI: China, Japan, and South Korea, three Asian giants, held their first trilateral meeting in the last 4 years. This meeting has been organized at a time when the world is witnessing two major conflicts namely, Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Gaza war. At a time, when the position of the US as a self-acclaimed superpower of […]

The ‘Interview’ that shook the West

If this interview snowballs into something big enough that shakes some inertia off the American voters, well, this is an 'election interference' that the American establishment created themselves.

Farmers’ Protest in EU; what do we know so far

Instead of dealing with this as a European problem and looking at ways to mitigate the same, the EU has clubbed the environmental issues facing European farmers as Global Warming.

How does US2024 look with Vivek Ramaswamy gone

While Vivek sure helped reduce the neocon-favourite Nikki Haley’s chances and put Trump ahead in the Republican race, there is no saying how much of a change would be cascaded during this round if Trump wins.

Serbia: Strong People; Weak Leaders

The painful history of Serbia, bombed twice by NATO in the '90s, remains overshadowed globally. The nation's attempts to align with the West ended in betrayal, revealing the West's control agenda. Recent events paint Serbia's leader as a 'Putin,' facing external pressures.

The Houthi Ace called Bab El Mandeb, US-proposed Task Force, and the Regional Dilemma

As Israel steps up its attacks on Hamas and the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians have found an unusual ally in the Yemeni Houthi rebels. The poorest among the Arabs, Yemen has jumped into the crisis by flashing the biggest ace that it was holding all along – its control over the Bab el-Mandeb (Gateway of […]

MBS, India, and Pax Americana

India is an obligatory inclusion for as long as it provides cheap brains and as long as the final decision on China gets taken. For allies like these to show independence is something that cant and wont be tolerated.

NATO at 75, Kissinger, and Ukraine

NATO turns 75 next year. A Cold War ‘essential’, that across multiple ways shouldered the responsibility of being one of the two ends of the Balance of Power politics of the 20th century, NATO reserves the distinction of being the guarantor of a period of unprecedented peace and development in post-war Europe. Post-45 Europe, for NATO, […]

Geert Wilders victory rattles EU cage

Geert Wilders has pulled off a major upset – not among the people who voted for him and want him in their highest office – but among the mainstream media, the EU bureaucratic corridors, and the woke-globalist alliance. The mainstream media, which has already dubbed him “Donald Trump of Europe” has taken a two-pronged approach […]

Israel, Hamas, and the USA: Who’s playing their cards right?

Israel, Hamas, and the USA: Who’s Playing Their Cards Right? Binyamin Netanyahu had a tightrope to balance once he decided on a war against Hamas. At the one end was prudence. It called for putting all his weight to prevent the conflict from spreading out. Times have changed; a lot of what went on in […]