99% Indian Muslims Were Hindus, claims Bihar JDU MLC Gulam Gaus

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By: Ruby Sharma | Santosh Singh | LUCKNOW
Updated: 27 November, 2022 3:44 pm IST

Most Indian Muslims are converted Hindus and that no one had settled here from Arab or other Islamic countries. These are some remarks made by Janata Dal United leader Gulam Gaus who is a Member of the Legislative Council in Bihar at a constitution day celebration in the Bihar Legislative council.

“This is true that all Muslims are descendents of Hindus only. But the question is why did they convert? These Muslims were the backward Hindus who converted their religion to Islam because of Brahmanism in Hinduism and atrocities on the Dalit and other backward people,” said Gulam Gaus during a Legislative Council meeting on the deprived Pasmanda community.

Gulam Guas was responding to comments made by former MP and  National Executive of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh at the event who said Pasmanda Muslims have never been given any political representation proportional to their population. 

Gaus also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for focusing on Pasmanda Muslims.  “I thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for picking up the issue of the Pasmanda community. He is the first PM of India to talk on such an issue. Earlier political leaders have talked about privileged Muslims but not about the backward Muslims.”

“If Dalit and backward communities in Hinduism will be treated in a better way and provided all the welfare programmes why will they get converted to another religion, the political parties who says Muslims are in danger, Hindus are in danger, nothing is in danger only their political position is in danger,” said Gulam Guas.

The JDU requested the current government to implement the recommendations of Ranganathan commission (10% reservation for Muslims and 5% for other minorities in government jobs and favoured Scheduled Caste status for Dalits in all regions).

He targeted Former Minority minister Salman Kurshid by saying, “Salman Kurshid at that time was in the position to implement the Rangnath commission recommendation but he did not.”

The BJP government has been reaching out to Pasmanda Muslim with several massive rallies in UP and Bihar. The party has also fielded four Pasmanda Muslim candidate in Delhi’s civic polls.

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