Zelensky Urges Biden, Senators for Financial & Security Assistance

| Updated: 06 March, 2022 6:48 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Speaking to President Joe Biden of the US in a telephonic conversation yesterday, Volodymyr Zelensky, President of the besieged Ukraine, urged for financial as well as security assistance from the US. The American President underscored his serious concern about Russia’s military attack on Ukraine. The two leaders have conversed at least five times, since Russia’s military attack in the largest state of Europe.

President Biden emphasised the ongoing actions undertaken by the United States and its allies and private industries to raise the crust on Russia for its aggression in Ukraine. He commended the moves by financial behemoths VISA and Mastercard to ban its services in Russia.  Over the phone, the President appreciated the Ukrainian functionals at the nuclear plant for protecting the reactors.

The two leaders raised the issues of  bilateral talks between Kyiv and Moscow. However the present location of the leader of the war-torn nation remains unknown.

The man of the movement, President Zelensky was last seen yesterday in a Zoom call, wearing his favourite army-green shirt in the images shared by two American Senators. Despite requests to refrain from sharing any visuals from the zoom call with Zelensky, Republican senators Marco Rubio and Steve Daines shared images of the zoom call. It was virulently criticised by American democratic representative Dean Philips and others. Soon after this occurred President Zelensky himself shared a few images on his social media account.

According to to claims from the Ukrainian side, he has successfully escaped at least three assassination attempts.

In the Zoom call with the US senators, the Ukranian leader pleaded security. He also requested the American senators to zero down Russian oil imports.

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