World’s Dirtiest Man Dies Months After Taking First Bath In Decades

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Updated: October 27, 2022 14:01

An Iranian man termed “the world’s dirtiest man” by the media breathed his last at the age of 94. Amou Haji, who did not wash for around a half-century, had bathed just months ago.

A hermit, Haji lived in Dejgah village in the southern Iranian province of Fars. He was a firm believer in his self-propagated theory that one would live long if they stay dirty. He did not take a bath for almost 70 years, as per local media.

Haji is known for refusing to use water and soap as he feared that these items would make him sick. He also avoided fresh food. He was unmarried.


In the past, some villagers tried to give him a bath but to no avail. He jumped out of the car and ran away while being taken to a river. Though he gave up on the pressure and allowed to be cleaned by some villagers a few months ago. Soon afterwards, he ill and passed away on Sunday, reported Iran’s IRNA news agency.

His funeral was organised in the nearby city of Farashband on Tuesday evening.

Several local reports said that Haji suffered some setbacks in his early life, which influenced his decision to live a life away from the general population. Locals treated him and his decision to stay dirty with respect.

Decades of not bathing resulted in his skin being covered in soot and pus, reported IRNA.

According to Tehran Times, Haji was fond of smoking. He would eat roadkill, rotten meat and porcupine, drink unsanitary water from an old oil can, and smoke a pipe filled with animal excrement. He was earlier pictured smoking more than one cigarette.

And his unique lifestyle did not go unnoticed. A documentary titled ‘The Strange Life of Amou Haji’ was released in 2013, which gives a sneak peek into his life.


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