Why was Shraddha slaughtered? Delhi Police charge sheet reveals reason

In its 6629-page charge sheet, Delhi Police says Aaftab Poonawala slaughtered Shraddha Walkar on suspicion of having relations with another man

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By: Alok Singh | NEW DELHI
Updated: 24 January, 2023 10:20 pm IST
Aaftab Poonawala and Shraddha Walkar

Aaftab Poonawala brutally murdered Shraddha Walkar on the suspicion of having a relationship with another man, the Delhi Police stated in its 6629-page charge sheet that was filed on Tuesday.

According to the charge sheet, on the night of the incident, Shraddha had also gone to meet a man. Following the meeting, both Aaftab and Shraddha had a heated argument, which led to Aaftab strangling her to death.

Aaftab then cut Sharaddha’s body into 35 pieces and dumped them in the Mehrauli jungles.

The police claimed to have a watertight case and collected multiple pieces of forensic evidence against Aaftab. At least a dozen weapons were used to chop her body into pieces, according to the police’s charge sheet.

During the filing of the charge sheet, Aaftab was produced in Saket court via video conferencing. Aaftab told the court that he wanted a copy of the charge sheet, though the court informed him that the copy could not be shared before February 7 (when the court will take cognisance of the charge sheet).

Police said a total of nine teams were formed, and statements of around 200 witnesses were recorded. The police also informed the court that they had included social media and all the digital evidence in the case.

The DNA tests on the body parts recovered from the jungle have already determined they were those of Shraddha. The police also made polygraph and narco-test reports as part of the evidence.

The matter came to light only after Shraddha’s father approached the police after they could not contact her for days. Aaftab was arrested on November 7 before he confessed to the crime.

But despite Aaftab’s confession, the collection of forensic evidence became very difficult for the Delhi Police as the murder happened six months ago.

Investigators collected 13 body parts, including a broken jaw, from the Mehrauli jungles based on Aaftab’s confession. They were sent for a forensic examination at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) for DNA matching.

The police had taken blood samples from Shraddha’s father and brother to match their DNA with the recovered human body parts from the jungles.

Delhi Police sources said the DNA samples have been matched with her father’s and brother’s DNA. Besides, the polygraph test report on Aaftab has also come back positive.

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