‘UP me baba’ fame Anamika Amber’s poetry session stopped midway by Nitish Govt 

Patna | Updated: 26 November, 2022 8:50 pm IST

Poetess and singer Dr Anamika Jain Amber, who shot to fame with her viral song on UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, “UP me baba” had her poetry session stopped midway at the All India Kavi Sammelan organised at the Sonpur Mela in the Harihar area of Bihar.

She was invited to read poetry with many other renowned poets from across the country. But the moment she took the stage she was stopped by officials of Bihar administration.

In a now viral Instagram video that she recorded from Patna airport expressing her exasperation and disappointment at Bihar government’s unfair treatment,  she said, “The Bihar government is afraid that through my poems I may reveal some truth. My poems are mainly of  nationalist genre. I think the government does not like such poets. That’s why they cancelled my session. The disruption of a Kavi Sammellan is a disrespect to nationalist poets like Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, who hailed from the same land,” she said.

Her fans who were attending the show to witness her rendition were enraged on learning that her session had been cancelled. “The Police stopped me from reading my poem because I had written a song in support of UP CM Yogi Aditynath. Even the administration felt bad for me, but they were bound by orders from higher authorities,” she said.

Some other poets who were attending the sammelan withdrew from the event in support of Amber.

Dr Prateek Gupta, a well-known satirist, described Anamika Amber as the country’s most energetic and truthful poetess. “The poets have been insulted by the Bihar government,” he said.

In 2022, Anamika’s ‘UP Mein Baba’ song in Bundelkhandi dialect went viral on social media in which she was praising Yogi Adityanath during the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election.

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