Understanding Delhi Model: Punjab Teachers Visit National Capital

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By: Alok Singh
Updated: 29 July, 2022 1:42 pm IST
Delegation of the Punjab Education Department, principals and teachers visited Delhi government schools. They will also attend the Happiness Utsav

NEW DELHI: To understand the development model in the education sector, the teachers and educators from Punjab visited Delhi schools. The teachers from Punjab will also participate in Happiness Utsav on Friday.

A total of 170 Punjab Government school teachers and educators visited Delhi government schools and took lessons on improving pedagogy, the Delhi government said.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia interacted with government school teachers of Punjab and motivated them to be the torchbearers of the education revolution in Punjab.

Sisodia advised teachers to ‘think like education ministers themselves’ to help bring education revolution in Punjab.

“If we want to see our nation develop then we need to study the role of educational institutions in the history of developed nations and design our policies accordingly,” Sisodia said.

“We are implementing the entrepreneurship mindset curriculum now, but people of Punjab already have this mindset in them; they just need to inculcate this among students more meaningfully now,” he added.

Delhi and Punjab’s teachers can learn from each other to create a world-class education model for both states, said the press statement.

Punjab’s teachers and educators will also be a part of the celebration of four years of “Happiness Curriculum” at the closing ceremony of Happiness Utsav on July 29, the statement added.

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