India, US hold Inaugural Defense Dialogue on space, AI

NEW DELHI: In an effort to strengthen the defence partnership in new areas, including space and Artificial Intelligence, India and the US held the Inaugural India-US Advanced Domains Defence Dialogue in New Delhi. “US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy Vipin Narang and Director Michael Horowitz of the Emerging Capabilities Policy Office

Imran Khan’s rollercoaster ride: Twists, turns in Pakistani Politics

Pakistan’s political landscape is in turmoil, with Imran Khan’s acrobatics, surprising twists in US interests, and hidden power plays within the Pakistan Army. As the political circus unfolds, the future looks uncertain for Khan

China offers to play peacemaker between Israel, Palestine

Experts believe China’s move is more to undermine US influence in the region than play a serious role as a peacemaker

China sanctions two US firms over arms sales to Taiwan

It also imposed several sanctions on the firms, including a ban on trade activities related to China and huge fines for participating in arms sales to Taiwan

How sour has the Bibi-Biden relationship become?

Israel and the United States have enjoyed a special relationship for years, marked by comprehensive intelligence, security, strategic partnership cooperation, free trade economic engagement, and socio-cultural ties. However, the rise of orthodox religious parties and an attempt for a judicial overhaul in Israel has impacted this historical alliance with the US. Israel’s recent domestic politics

NATO paradox and other American miscalculations

As the conflict in Ukraine begins to look like a key marker paging the end of unipolarity, one cannot help but look back at two of the four big miscalculations of the USA

PM Modi, President Biden hail Air India-Boeing agreement 

Both the leaders speak about Tata Sons’ Air India purchasing 200 Boeing aircraft during their telephonic conversation

Argentina, Brazil refuse to toe US line in Ukraine conflict

Two major South American countries refuse to supply arms and ammunition to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia

Japanese PM Kishida re-writing mentor Abe’s Russia playbook: Scholar

PM Kishida’s upcoming visit to the US and G-7 summit later this year will mark a significant change in Japan’s foreign and defence policies amid growing threats posed by China, North Korea

Zelensky in US: Biden announces $1.85bn along with Patriot system

US President Biden praises Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky; Promises $45bn in emergency assistance to the nation