Fall of Bakhmut: Will it become turning point for Putin?

Capturing of key transport and logistics hub could be a key event in Russia-Ukraine conflict; It could be a big morale booster for the Russian forces

NATO paradox and other American miscalculations

As the conflict in Ukraine begins to look like a key marker paging the end of unipolarity, one cannot help but look back at two of the four big miscalculations of the USA

Republic Day 2023: Putin hails India’s role in ensuring global stability

Russian President wishes India on Republic Day, says he is confident both countries could ensure "continued growth" by working together

Putin commits nuclear plant, better economic cooperation with Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia will create a nuclear power industry in Belarus and train local people for the industry

Plunder Of India: Putin Reminds West Of Colonial Past

Russian President Vladimir Putin turned back the pages of history as he said that the West had plundered countries like India in contradiction to the values of true freedom and justice.

A Crisis Brews In The Western Camp

The US Ambassador to Georgia has been trying hard to drag Georgia into the Ukrainian crisis to take the West’s side. This has been under two assumptions: 1. Georgia does not enjoy a good relationship with Russia post 2008 Georgian War; and 2. The EU had promised Georgia candidate status in the Union. One naturally

Four European Companies Paid In Rubles For Russian Gas

NEW DELHI: Despite the European Union (EU) asking energy companies not to comply with Russia’s demand to be paid in rubles for its natural gas, four European gas buyers have reportedly paid in rubles as President Vladimir Putin demanded. In a report published in Bloomberg, a person close to Russian gas giant Gazprom had opined

Indian Media Is Echoing Western Media On Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Says Nuclear Policy Expert Dr Vijay Sazawal

The Editor-in-Chief of The New Indian, Aarti Tikoo caught up with nuclear policy expert Dr. Vijay Sazawal to talk about the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Dr. Sazawal, who is an expert on strategic affairs and Russia-Ukraine relationships, says the genesis of the Russia-Ukraine war lies in the breakdown of the former Soviet Union

Why India Must Play Peace-Maker Between Russia & The West

Developments in Ukraine, and the world’s responses, have given India an extraordinary opportunity to try and bring Russia closer to the West, by playing a proactive role in negotiating peace. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been called and acknowledged by top leaders on both sides, could even invite the two presidents for talks in

Eye On Defence Deals, President Putin Visits India

NEW DELHI: Reiterating that the Indo-Russian ties are stronger than ever, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin in New Delhi on Monday. “Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, there has been no change in the relationship between India and Russia”, said the Prime Minister. “The two countries cooperated