Complaint filed against Ramdev in Bihar for hate speech

A complaint has been filed in Bihar’s Muzzafarpur against yoga guru and Patanjali Yog Peeth leader Ramdev for his controversial remarks against the Muslim and the Christian communities at a religious gathering ion Barmer, Rajasthan on Saturday. Social activist Tamanna Hashmi has filed a complaint in a Muzzafarpur court, accusing Ramdev of being “attention-seeker” and

Weaponized Narratives: A Threat to National Security

But unfortunately, Pakistan has turned the cricket ground into an invisible battleground with the intent to play a much more sinister game.

The Outrage Industry

Indian Muslims generally can make fun of gods and goddesses of other faiths, but when it comes to their own, out come the swords and stones.

Would Turkish Trajectory To Neo-Ottomanism Work?

Analysts over the world have been watching the recent rise of Turkey with extreme interest. It made a certain kind of sense when experts like Brzezinski or Friedman predicted Turkey’s rise as a regional power. But that kind of sense that builds itself up around forecasts printed on the pages of a book usually gets

Honour Killings: Muslim Male Has To Be Held Accountable

If there is one reality that drives home the point that freedom-loving, liberal secular, ordinary Muslims are the first victims of the orthodox, ossified, political Islamism – it is honour killing. Unfortunately, in India, it devours the non-Muslims too in its brutality – the ones who dared to challenge the ‘honour’ of the Muslim ummah

No Talk With Muslims Of G, C Blocks Prevented Clash This Long: Jahangirpuri Locals

  NEW DELHI: At a ration shop near Kushal Chowk, barely 200 meters away from the mosque where the communal clash during Saturday’s Hanuman Jayanti Shobha Yatra broke out in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri, Amit Kumar, is charitable in his comments over harmony between Hindus and Muslims. But, with a pause and some caution, he has a

Rising Acid Attack Cases: Kashmir’s Turn Towards Religious Orthodoxy Responsible?

Kashmir was once again rocked by yet another shocking case of acid attack on a young Kashmiri girl by a Kashmiri man. The man was angry at the girl for spurning his advances. The girl is admitted to the hospital in a grievously injured condition and is fighting for her life. What is alarming is

Hindus Don’t Have a Sense of History is a Myth: Meenakshi Jain

In a no holds barred interview with The New Indian’s Editor-in-Chief Aarti Tikoo, Prof. Meenakshi Jain answers the biggest controversial questions about the historians accused of white-washing facts and selective reading of Indian history. Jain explains why she remained an isolated voice among historians for challenging their unscholarly approach to history writing and education in

Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, Bipartisan Bill To Prevent Forced Labor In China Signed By US President Joe Biden

NEW DELHI: On December 23, 2021, United States President Joe Biden signed into law the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, a bipartisan bill to ensure that goods and materials manufactured with forced labor in the Xinjiang Region of the People’s Republic of China do not enter the United States market. While Biden signed the Uyghur

India is Witnessing Veer Savarkar Era under Modi: Uday Mahurkar

Uday Mahurkar’s latest book, ‘Veer Savarkar: The Man Who Could Have Prevented Partition’ may be one of the most challenging works in Indian writing that attempts to decode multidimensional personality of Savarakar. Presently in office as India’s Information Commissioner, we discuss the book and beyond, with this veteran journalist, columnist, and author in our Book