EXC: Former Delhi Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam On Hinduism-Buddhism Row

In an exclusive interview with The New Indian, former Delhi minister Rajinder Pal Gautam speaks about his decision to quit Arvind Kejriwal's cabinet and how Buddhism will help remove casteism in India.

PM Modi And Hindu Renaissance

There has been a Hindu renaissance as PM Modi has lent his hand in the restoration of the places of great reverence and also correcting the historical wrongs committed during the rule of the invaders.

What Gandhi Means Today, Youth Speak Up

“His values are definitely important in the world we live in today, but I don’t think they are being followed in the way they should be.” This is the common refrain among the young generation in the capital when asked whether the Mahatma’s teachings and values still matter.  “The post-truth world in which we live …