Plunder Of India: Putin Reminds West Of Colonial Past

Russian President Vladimir Putin turned back the pages of history as he said that the West had plundered countries like India in contradiction to the values of true freedom and justice.

Why India Must Play Peace-Maker Between Russia & The West

Developments in Ukraine, and the world’s responses, have given India an extraordinary opportunity to try and bring Russia closer to the West, by playing a proactive role in negotiating peace. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been called and acknowledged by top leaders on both sides, could even invite the two presidents for talks in …

Satellite Images By Planet Labs Show Russian Attack On Ukraine

NEW DELHI: New satellite images released by Planet Labs and accessed exclusively by The New Indian now show Boryspil Airport, Kyiv’s international airport, looking unscathed from attack but its runways have been blocked by vehicles.   Courtesy – Planet Labs PBC Satellite Images released by Planet Labs also show a new deployment of more than …