Sabarmati Riverfront Phase 2 Project To Be Complete By 2027

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By: Anand Singh
Updated: April 4, 2022 21:01

GANDHINAGAR/AHMEDABAD: In a bid to enhance the experience of the local people to provide more space to enjoy and spend time in the open, the second phase of Sabarmati Riverfront Development will be completed by 2027, the officials said here.

As per the plans of the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Limited (SRFDCL), in the second phase, the new development would add 5.8 km to the existing 11.5 km stretch on the Riverfront East and 5.2 km to the existing 11.5 km stretch on the Riverfront West of Phase I ending up to Indira Bridge.

SRFDCL, a SPV of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, will construct assets of public infrastructure like lower promenade, roads, street lights, etc., and create more green spaces for the welfare of the people in the second phase.


SRFDCL Executive director R.K. Mehta told The New Indian that after the completion of the second phase it would take the total length of the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project from 23 km to 34 km. He said that on the Western side, a road network would be developed by SRFDCL which would decongest the traffic and increase the convenience of people on both sides and reduce the load on airport traffic.

Sharing the timeline of the second phase of the project, Mehta said that work on the first component of the second phase has been started and it will be completed by June-July 2023.

He said that a tender for 3.98 km has been awarded and work will start from May. “Work on this part of the riverfront will be completed by June 2024. Work on 5.2 km of the second phase of Sabarmati Riverfront Development will be completed by 2027,” Mehta said.

He also pointed out that to maintain the level of water for the entire stretch, a ‘barrage cum bridge’ would be constructed, which would store water for 10-15 days for Ahmedabad.

The Executive Director further stated that the development of the project is towards ‘Urban Regeneration and Environmental Improvement’. He said that it will transform the river as a focal point of leisure and recreation.

SRFDCL is giving finishing touches to an ionic pedestrian only foot-over bridge that will connect the west and east part of Sabarmati Riverfront, he added. “The bridge draws inspiration from the Kites and the celebration of Uttarayan,” Mehta said, adding that the colours chosen reflect the hues of kites.

Elaborating on the features of the foot over bridge, Mehta said that to feel the joy of walking above the river, this glass foot-over bridge is being constructed between Sardar Bridge and Ellis Bridge. “The bridge is solely for the walking purpose and would have seating arrangements for the people to enjoy the beauty of the river from the bridge,” Mehta added.

He further stated that a smart multi-level car parking is under development opposite the event ground on the west side of Sabarmati riverfront. This foot-over bridge will be directly connected to the new multi-level parking, so people can park their vehicles and directly go to foot over bridge, flower-park or the promenades of the Riverfront, he shared.


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