Railway Begins Trial Of ‘Baby Berth’ In Lucknow Mail

| Updated : May 10, 2022, 11:01 pm
Updated : May 10, 2022, 11:01 pm

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NEW DELHI: Keeping in mind the problems faced by women while travelling with their infants in the Indian Railways, Northern Railways on Tuesday said that it has fitted a foldable baby seat as a pilot project in Lucknow Mail.

According to railway ministry officials, the foldable baby berth has been fitted in the B-4 coach of the train on two berths.

Railway Ministry officials said that the baby berth has been fitted on berths number 12 and 60 located at the second cabin from both ends respectively.

The ministry said that the fitted baby seat is foldable about the hinge when not in use and secured with a stopper. He said that for using the baby berth, the stopper needs to be removed and the seat is positioned and aligned with the berth.

In a tweet, Northern Railways said, “Facilitating ease of travel for mothers travelling with their babies. Indian Railways introduced baby berth on an experimental basis in Lucknow Mail 12229/30, Coach No. 194129/B4, berth No. 12 & 60. The fitted baby berth is foldable & secured with a stopper.”

The trial of the baby berth began on May 8 on the eve of Mother’s Day.

At present, there is no mechanism to book a baby berth on Indian Railways. However, officials of the railway ministry said that if this trial is a success then railways can start implementing it in other trains as well.

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