Pathaan controversy: Ayodhya seer performs Shah Rukh Khan’s Terahvin

Calling ‘Pathaan’ a “jihadi movie”, the seer alleged that Khan was a sympathiser of terrorist organisations.

Lucknow | Updated: 26 December, 2022 7:04 pm IST

Controversial Ayodhya seer Jagadguru Acharya Paramhans, who earlier threatened to take ‘jal samadhi’ in Saryu river, performed last rites of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Monday, alleging insult to Hindus in ‘Pathaan’ movie.

Khan has been facing protests in several parts of north India by Hindu outfits over the saffron colour of his co-star Deepika Padukone’s clothes in song ‘Besharam Rang’. The film will be released on January 25 next year.

Calling ‘Pathaan’ a “jihadi movie”, the seer alleged that Khan was a sympathiser of terrorist organisations.

“Shahrukh Khan has insulted saffron colour by calling it ‘besharam’ (shameless). I appeal to every person to boycott his movie. Thirteen days ago, we burned his effigy. Now that thirteen days have passed, we are performing his ‘ ‘Terahvin ’,” he told media persons in Ayodhya.

According to Hindu beliefs, ‘Terahvi’ is performed on the 13th day of a person’s death.

Continuing his tirade, the seer further said, “Shah Rukh Khan is more concerned about Muslim countries like Pakistan. He gave donations to Pakistan when the flood hit that country but the same Shahrukh did not bother about Uttarakhand floods,” he said.

However, several fact-checkers have said that the Bollywood actor never donated money as flood relief measures in Pakistan.

“Shahrukh is listed in the suspect list of an American agency. He funds many terrorist organisations and conducts many anti-government activities,” he further alleged.

The seer accused Khan of making “vulgar movies” and misguiding the young generation. “We have started a mission to stop this movie jihad and appeal to everyone to boycott such web series and movies. We also appeal to the government to take legal action.”

“We never hurt others’ beliefs and religious sentiments but my Hindu religion is being repeatedly insulted by some people,” he said.

Paramhans has been making headlines with his bizarre announcements and demands.

Last year, he announced to take ‘jal samadhi’ (to immerse oneself in the water as an instrument of death) if the government did not declare India a Hindu nation by October 2, 2021. But when the day finally came, he announced to abort his plan and announced to fat unto death in New Delhi. It is not clear if he staged any demonstration in Delhi in favour of his demand.

In the past, he has expressed his desire to contest Assembly elections from the Ayodhya constituency.


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