Pak Espionage Racket: Rajasthan Police Arrest Third Suspect

Rajasthan Police have arrested the third suspect, Bhag Chand, a 47-year-old Pakistani Hindu and a resident of Bhati Mines area in South Delhi, in the Pakistan espionage racket

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By: Parul Kulshreshta | JAIPUR
Updated: 16 August, 2022 12:01 pm IST
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Rajasthan Police have arrested the third suspect, Bhag Chand, a 47-year-old Pakistani Hindu migrant-turned-Indian national who resided in South Delhi’s Bhati Mines area, in the Pakistani espionage racket.

Earlier, they had arrested accused Narayan Lal, 27, a resident of Bhilwara, and Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat, 24, a resident of Jaipur, on August 13 for sending vital information to the Pakistan Intelligence agency.

During joint questioning at Jaipur by a central intelligence agency and Rajasthan Police, Narayan Lal, the suspect, revealed had he sent a total of five Indian SIM cards via bus to an entity in Delhi. Rajasthan Police ascertained that the Delhi conduit was actually Bhag Chand.

The team could locate the residence of Bhag Chand in Sanjay Colony, a congested colony of temporary shades and permanent houses of all kinds, after hours of hard work.

The portion of Sanjay Colony (Bhati Mines) is known for its sizable population of migrant Pakistani Hindus, who have acquired or are waiting to acquire Indian nationality. Every year, some of them visit Pakistan to meet their relatives there and some host their Pakistani relatives in their houses in Sanjay Colony. Reports of SIM cards issued to some of the people of Sanjay Colony ultimately landing in the hands of Pakistani Intelligence Operatives (PIOs) have surfaced multiple times in the past.

The suspect, Bhag Chand, was subjected to joint questioning and thorough examination. It was learnt that Bhag Chand, after passing his 12th standard, had migrated to India from Sindh region in Pakistan in 1998 with his parents and two sisters. They subsequently landed in Sanjay Colony (Bhati Mines) and got their Indian nationality 2016. He got married in 2002 and the couple have three sons and one daughter. Bhag Chand used to work as an Ola/ Uber driver and was presently working as a labour supervisor. Many relatives of his, including his maternal uncle (mama), are still in Sindh, Pakistan.

A PIO, ‘Abid’, prodded Bhag Chand’s uncle to introduce him to Bhag Chand. Subsequently, ‘Abid’ become friendly with Bhag Chand and the two started chatting and speaking to each other over WhatsApp. As per Bhag Chand, ‘Abid’ then used to communicate using a Pakistan based (+92) WhatsApp number. Around 2020, Bhag Chand facilitated ‘Abid’ in acquiring an Indian WhatsApp number by sharing with him WhatsApp account creation OTP to one of his mobile numbers.

Since then, ‘Abid’ has been using this as his WhatsApp number and using the same to remain in communication with Bhag Chand. Further, during the months of August- September, 2021 he has facilitated ‘Abid’ in acquiring another Indian WhatsApp number by sharing account creation OTP to mobile number subscribed in his wife’s name.

‘Abid’, after months of communication with Bhag Chang, had started asking him to visit military areas, befriend serving military personnel, introduce them to him. ‘Abid’ also tasked Bhag Chand to transfer money on his behalf at least once. In return of these, ‘Abid’ used to promise Bhag Chand assistance towards procuring Pakistani Visa, sponsor a visit to Pakistan and hosting him well there. ‘Abid’ had also promised Bhag Chand to finance a taxi for him. However, Bhag Chand could never meet expectations of ‘Abid’ fully.

In June, ‘Abid’ instructed Bhag Chand to receive SIM cards from Narayan Lal, check them for functionality, send OTPs of few, hide them in some Indian Masala Packets/ dress, pack them well and send them to specified address. Bhag Chand communicated with Narayan Lal, received the five Indian SIM cards in three consignments through buses to Delhi; He opened them and checked them for their functionality. He used one of the SIM cards to acquire two account creation OTPs on June 16 and shared them with ‘Abid’. He thus facilitated creation of new WhatsApp and signal application account for the PIO.

Further, as desired by ‘Abid’, Bhag Chand procured four packets of MDH Masala, a shirt, pair of jeans and blet (for childern), hid the four functional India SIM cards in those packets and made one parcel out of them. He sent it to the specified address using a fake name. During the process, he remained in communication with ‘Abid’ and Narayan Lal. For this work, he was paid ₹5,000 by ‘Abid’. Apart from this, he has received payments from ‘Abid’ on few more occasions. Bhag Chand had followed security instructions from ‘Abid’ to erase digital/ physical traces/ signs.

It is believed that Bhag Chand, in want of money, had assisted the PIO- ‘Abid’ —  while knowing that he is conspiring with inimical agencies against the security of the nation.  It is hoped that his timely neutralization has averted significant damages to the security apparatus of the country, the police said.

It is anticipated that Bhag Chand shall soon be produced before court as a co-accused of Narayan Lal in espionage case under the same FIR. Further investigation on the available leads are in progress by central intelligence agencies and Rajasthan Police.

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