Over 10K Loudspeakers Removed From Religious Sites In UP

By: TNI Team
Updated: April 27, 2022 18:40
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LUCKNOW: In a statewide drive conducted by the Yogi Adityanath government, 10,923 loudspeakers were removed from religious sites of different communities across Uttar Pradesh till Wednesday.

Apart from that, the volume of 35,221 loudspeakers has been lowered in accordance with the prescribed decibel levels. CM Yogi has directed government officials to ensure that the public address systems are not installed at religious sites without prior permission.

For the places which have the permission to use loudspeakers, the sound does not go beyond the premises where they are installed, as per the government directives.


According to the UP Police, a maximum 1,366 illegal loudspeakers were removed in the Varanasi police zone, while the volume of 7,397 loudspeakers was lowered in the Lucknow police zone.

All district police chiefs in the state have been tasked with the duty to ensure that government directive is being followed at all religious sites in the state.

Recently, Chief Minister Yogi had said that the noise of loudspeakers should not come out of the premises and should not inconvenience others. “Although microphones can be used, make sure the sound does not come out of any premises. Other people should not face any problem,” he had said.

Yogi had also directed that no religious procession should be taken out without permission.

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