Naddi’s Dal Lake Wallowing In Neglect

| Updated : November 24, 2021, 8:12 pm
Updated : November 24, 2021, 8:12 pm

NADDI, HIMACHAL PRADESH: Once a tourists’ paradise, the picturesque Dal Lake near Naddi wallows in neglect today. Silt and weed have turned it into a grazing ground and the lake may soon be lost in oblivion. Worse still, government apathy to revive it is adding to the misery of the locals.

Call it inauspicious or unscientific, but locals in Naddi area of Mcleodganj’s Dal lake are increasingly worried about the shrinking size of the lake which is fighting an unheard battle for survival. Most of the fish in these waters have died a silent death after unscientific methods using JCB machines were adopted by the Tourism and Forest Departments to de-silt the lake, against the advice of geological engineers a few years back.

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The situation has worsened today. Cracks have begun to appear on the shores of a lake that once caught the attention of nature lovers the world over. The lake is located at an altitude of 1,775 metres above sea-level and has been likened to a bowl of water cradled amongst lush green mountains in the past.

Several lakhs of rupees have been spent under the pretext of beautifying the lake but everything came to naught and this time on, the seepage is even worse than before. The government had silenced local voices against the leakage by concreting certain parts of the lake as a temporary measure some time back, only to add to its woes.

SDM Shilpi Bekta said that efforts are now being made to save the fish and the next steps will be taken in collaboration with officials of the fisheries, IPH and PWD departments. Currently all the big fish have disappeared and the task now will be to protect the existing ones.

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