Madrassa students in J&K suffer in absence of recognised board

Without the Madrassa Board, concerned citizens fear that madrassa students in J&K will suffer owing to the mushrooming of unrecognised institutions.

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Updated: 17 December, 2022 12:12 am IST
Jammu and Kashmir does not have a Madrassa Board to oversee the education of children

The Muslim-majority state of Jammu and Kashmir does not have a Madrassa Board to oversee the education of children, despite a significant number of illegal madrassas and markaz operating in the state.

Due to the lack of a quality education board, the curriculum of the students is inadequate, and they face a precarious future as they fail to meet the necessary standards of employment after passing out of these ‘unrecognized’ institutions.

“Had there been a Board, the future of these kids would have been bright. They would have been eligible for jobs. Unfortunately, there is no board. There would have been accountability for the revenue earned. Money will not have been mismanaged as in the previous three years. Today we can see madrasas and markaz everywhere and unfortunately, most of them are illegal,” said Maulana Mohd. Ashraf.

Reportedly, the people involved in running madrassas are not keen to be a part of any Board.

“All other states like Bihar, UP, WB, Jharkhand, and Kerala have a madrassa board. In J&K, some selfish people did not let that happen. Had there been a board, there would have been accountability and it would have been feasible for the government to monitor,” added Maulana Mohd. Ashraf.

Locals allege that the madrassas are exploiting the funds collected through donations made by the people.

“We demand if there is a Madrassa Board, then the donations given by people could have been utilised in a proper manner,” said Zahoor Ahmad.

The demand for a recognised madrasa board has been reiterated for many years. In 2020, leaders of Jamaat-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat, a representative organisation of Sufism, said that a Madrassa Board should be set up in Jammu and Kashmir and all the madrassas should be brought under its banner.

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