Love Jihad Or Love Gone Sour: Shraddha Complained About Aftab Beating Her, States FIR

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By: Alok Singh | NEW DELHI
Updated: November 14, 2022 18:44

The brutal murder of Shraddha Madaan raised many eyebrows, especially after it was revealed that her boyfriend Aftab Amin Poonawala disposed of her body in a barbaric manner.

It has now come to light that the relationship between Shraddha and Aftab soured as time progressed. According to the First Information Report (FIR) filed by Shraddha’s father, Vikas Madaan Walkar, before she had gone missing, she had told her parents and friends that Aftab would often beat her over minor issues.

The FIR, a copy of which is with The New Indian, said Shraddha’s parents had advised her many times not to go with Aftab as he belonged to a different community. But she did not listen to their advice and left the house to live with Aftab.


Initially, the parents didn’t know where their daughter had gone with Aftab but they would often learn about her from her friends.

FIR Copy filed by Shraddha’s father Vikas Walkar


According to the FIR, her father said that she left the house in 2019 with Aftab. She also told her parents that she would stay in a live-in relationship with Aftab. She stated that she was 25 years old at the time and could make her own decision.

“In 2018, my daughter used to work in a call centre in Mumbai. She made contact with Aftab there. Around seven to eight months later, we got to know that she was having an affair with Aftab. Since he was coming from another religion, we advised her not to have a relationship with him. But she did not listen to us, and she left the house in 2019,” said her father in the FIR.

Shraddha’s father, Vikas Walkar, also said that she told her parents to forget her as their daughter.

“After a few days of leaving her house, we got to know that both were staying in Vasai. Later, they shifted to another location. She would not talk to me but would often talk to her mother. She also informed her mother that Aftab would fight with her. In January 2021, after the death of my wife, she called me too and informed me about the fight,” said Walkar in the FIR.

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Walker also said that once Shraddha went back to Mumbai, she stayed at her parents’ house. “She came home, and she also told me about the fight and Aftab’s regular assaults. I advised her to stay, but after Aftab apologised she again went to Delhi,” Walkar further said in the FIR.

Shivani Mahatara and Laxman Nadar, her friends, then informed him that the fights had not stopped. Her phone had been turned off for the past two months. Then, in September, he lodged a missing person complaint about her daughter in Maharashtra’s Manikpur police station.

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Later, the police discovered that Shraddha was staying with Aftab in Chattarpur, Mehrauli, Delhi. Maharashtra police also passed the information to the Delhi police. Subsequently, Walkar also came to Delhi and approached the Delhi police to formally register an FIR for her missing daughter.

Delhi Police said that they will further add the section on murder as Aftab is arrested and has confessed to murdering Shraddha.


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