Jharkhand Govt To Digitise Labour Migration; Sets Up Centres In Leh, Kerala

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By: Sakshi Choubey
Updated: 21 July, 2022 1:55 pm IST

NEW DELHI: In a bid to facilitate migrant workers the Government of Jharkhand has issued directives to the State Labour Department to register and publicize migrant and labour registrations on the Shramadhan site.

“This shall ensure the migrants are rendered with their rights and are also connected to a host of benefits through the medium of various schemes being run for them,” the Government said in an official statement.

The government also planned to set up migration centres in various states like Kerala and Leh.

The official further added, “Apart from the awareness work that the State Migrant Control Room is doing in terms of Labour and Migrant Registration efforts are also being made to rescue the migrant labourers, ensuring the outstanding wages are paid to them and also in case of any mishaps the dead bodies of the migrants are brought back to their homeland.”

There are also several additional actions being taken, such as connecting the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Pension Scheme, and Ration Scheme benefits.

Additionally, the establishment of Safe and Responsible Migration Centres in the state’s three districts of Gumla, West Singhbhum, and Dumka is being done to advance the objectives of safe and responsible migration.

The effort to aid the labourer, which was started last year, is still in progress. The State Migrant Control Room is always open for this purpose. For the employees, seven landlines and five Whatsapp numbers have been provided.

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