In Just 7 Seconds, Noida Twin Towers Will Be History

In a matter of just 7 seconds, the Noida Supertech Twin Towers will collapse like a pack of cards, literally, at 2.30 pm on Sunday. A whopping 3,700 kg of explosives will go into the razing of the building

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By: Alok Singh | NOIDA
Updated: 27 August, 2022 1:40 pm IST
The demolition was ordered by the Supreme Court for violating minimum distance requirements. (TNI photo by Amit Rawat)

In a matter of just 7 seconds, the Noida Supertech Twin Towers will collapse like a pack of cards, literally, at 2.30 pm on Sunday. A whopping 3,700 kg of explosives will go into the razing of the building.

Edifice Engineering, a South-African company that specializes in demolishing concrete structures, has been tasked with bringing down the building.

The residents, living in the nearby areas of the towers, have been asked to move to safer locations by Sunday morning. A 500-meter area around the building will be cordoned off from 7 am on Sunday.

Police said at least 400 police personnel and one company of the National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF), eight ambulances, and four fire tenders will remain stationed near the site. Four nearby hospital administrations have been asked to remain on alert during any emergency situation after the demolition.

DCP (traffic Noida) Ganesh Saha said all the connecting roads to the twin towers will remain closed from 7 am onwards till the evening on Sunday.

DCP (central Noida) Rajesh S said: “The demolition is a big challenge for us. The site will be completely cordoned off. Routes will be diverted and traffic on Noida Expressway stopped for at least half-an-hour.”

“In two nearby resident societies – Emerald Court and ATS – a dozen of guards have been asked to stay over there till 1.45 pm. After this, a few engineers and a group of police personnel will be allowed near the site.”

The Supreme Court had ordered the demolition of the towers after it was found that they were constructed illegally. The cases were also registered and the Special Investigation Team (SIT) was constituted to probe the unholy nexus between builders and officials of Noida authorities.

“It will be a completely-controlled explosion. We have fitted the explosives in such a manner that it won’t affect the nearby buildings. But yes, there is a possibility that some glass of nearby buildings could be shattered due to the huge impact,” said Mayur Mehta, the project manager of Edifice Engineering, told The New Indian.

He also said there will be a huge pall of dust cloud soon after the rubble hits the surface. “The dust cloud will settle down in a few hours. That’s why all the people around have been asked to move to other locations. Around 7,000 people, who live nearby, will be shifted,” added Mehta.

A company official said, earlier, they were involved in the demolition of a high-rise building in Kerala. The Noida Twin Towers are the tallest buildings, which they have ever worked on till now while using the highest quantity of explosives.

Residents in adjacent buildings expressed their happiness at the demolition but also voiced their concern about the impact on their flats. Shankar Ghosh, who lives in Emerald Court, said: “I will shift to Delhi for a day. It’s great that the demolition is happening but hopefully, the explosion will not affect our houses.” Another resident, Ravi Raj, said he will be moving to his friend’s house in Greater Noida but will keep watching the whole operation on the television.

With the help of NGOs, the administration has shifted stray animals away from the D-site. Reeya Thakur, a member of Happy Tails Foundation, said: “At least three dogs from the site and 23 from the entire area have been relocated to another location.”

Proper scientific disposal of debris will be carried out and within 90 days, the entire area will be cleared. To control the dust pollution in the environment, at least 15 anti-smog devices have also been installed near the site.

The police also requested the media house to restrict the number of teams at the site. Police, however, have given a dedicated space to the media for coverage. People have also been advised not to throng near the site. They will be restricted till at least a kilometer away from the spot.

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