HP Varsity’s Unique Bid To Instill Environmental Responsibility Amongst Students

|HP Varsity's Unique Bid To Instill Environmental Responsibility Amongst Students | Updated : May 8, 2022, 12:37 pm
Updated : May 8, 2022, 12:37 pm

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SHIMLA: In a bid to enhance environmental awareness and responsibility, the Himachal Pradesh Central University has instructed its students to plant two saplings on the campus at the time of admission.

In a unique attempt, the university will assess the student along with his/her responsibility in taking care of the plant, for which additional marks will be conferred based on the plant’s health.

Around 30,000 students are expected to be taught in more than 100 departments when the university sets up its own campus.

Hence, the number of saplings planted will be based on the number of admissions. Currently, two campuses are being constructed in Dehra and Dharamshala.

Confirming the move, university Vice-Chancellor Prof SP Bansal said that forest department land will also be used if there is a shortage of space to plant saplings by students.

“The university is preparing a set of guidelines for this initiative and hopes to fulfill its duty towards the environment and society as a whole by increasing green cover. The campaign will take off this session” he added.

At present, the university has 29 departments.

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