Ground Report: Threatened Over WhatsApp Status, Sonis From Bhilwara Live In Constant Fear

| Updated : July 19, 2022, 5:45 pm
Updated : July 19, 2022, 5:45 pm


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Ayush Soni and his mother Devki

BHILWARA: With two police officers on guard 24×7, Ayush Soni feels far from being a VIP. In fact, the teenager and his family members are living under constant fear – though the presence of khakis outside their home gives them a semblance of security.

On June 10, Ayush posted a WhatsApp status in support of Nupur Sharma, the suspended BJP spokesperson, and his world tumbled after that. The 17-year-old started getting calls and messages of death threats.

“I wasn’t aware of the consequences. I just posted a WhatsApp status in support of Nupur Sharma and my phone didn’t stop buzzing for the entire day,” the youngster from Bhilwara said.

Ayush’s maternal home is Potla village, where his sister is married to a shopkeeper. He often visits the village and is familiar to many people from both the communities.

“I was in Bhilwara when I posted that status and people from other communities saw it. I got multiple threatening calls from morning to evening. I work at a shop nearby but got so disturbed that I returned home to tell my family. My parents got worried,” said Ayush.

“Ayush was getting continuous calls and the people on the other side told him that if he ever steps foot in Potla village, consequences will be bad for him. We are a lower-middle-class family and we didn’t want any trouble so I apologized. My son and even my brother visiting us that time also apologized over the phone but the threats didn’t stop,” said his mother Devki Soni.

Ayush and his family decided not to visit the village for some time but then Kanhaiya Lal was murdered in Udaipur on June 28. That created a panic situation at home. Suddenly, On July 10, news of the demise of Devki’s aunt arrived from Potla.

It was necessary to visit the relatives at the time of grief but they decided not to take Ayush with them.

“My husband and I arrived at the village to my aunt’s house and we saw around six guys sitting at the entrance of the house waiting for Ayush. They threatened my husband and me, that if my son ever enters the house, they will not spare him. Some people even went to my son-in-law’s shop to threaten him,” Devki said, adding, “After Kanhaiya Lal’s death and these threats, we decided to do something about it.”

After discussions with the family members, on July 15, they filed an FIR in Bhilwara. The administration immediately arrested five people in connection with the case. Police are on the lookout for any possible threat against the complainant’s family.

The family, however, is still worried about the future. The mother-in-law of Devki’s daughter had called up crying many times worrying about her son’s life.

“I have consoled her and told her not to worry. We have to be strong in this case. But we want to ask what will be in the future? Police security can be given for a few months but what about after that. Who will ensure that our lives will be secure after the situation becomes normal?” asked Devki with a tense face.

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