BJP May Have 3 dy CMs, Dalit Face Could Be Our Third: Baby Maurya In Agra

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By: Rohan Dua
Updated: January 25, 2022 11:53
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Making her return to active politics, former Uttarakhand governor and Agra Rural (SC) candidate Baby Rani Maurya looks at ease as she travels between her Cantonment residence and Nainana Jat on Gwalior Road in this west UP district known for the Taj. She is one of the rare politicians in India, who after serving as governor, will be contesting an election again. But as she does, her identity as a Jatav Dalit — is a dead give away. After BJP’s resounding success in 2017 where party won 325 seats in UP and all nine in Agra –despite it being known for Jatav concentration — she is being heralded as party’s face to counter Mayawati — who comes from Jatav community too. In an interview with our executive editor Rohan Dua, Maurya drops hint that BJP is going strong and may have a third UP deputy CM — a Dalit—  apart from other two other deputy CMs, each from non-Yadav OBC and Brahmin community. 

Q: You are making a return to active politics after a long gap of four years, during which you served as Uttarakhand governor. You are being seen as strong Jatav Dalit face that BJP wants to prop up in Uttar Pradesh after two Brahmin and non-Yadav OBC deputy chief ministers. Is that so?

A. See, It’ll be the party’s decision. When one does politics, people and candidates do have expectations, but the decision is in the party’s hands. They’ll do what’s right.


Q. But many say that you were brought into the party fold as national vice president few months ago. Was it because some discomfort in Brahmins and non-Yadav OBCs?

A. I was told I will need to work for the organization of the party. The Jatav community was also a bit sad and disappointed about what to do and where to go as Mayawati or her party or even Congress and SP were not looking after their interests.. So, I decided to stand for that and with them, the party also decided to support the decision. 

Our party felt we need to look after the new vote bank whose welfare has not been championed by other regional parties and their representation is must in UP. Now they’ll get that in terms of the Jatav community.


Q. How has been the support of your family in this crucial juncture when you have started campaigning?

A. My family knew about it. It was a first time that someone from their community had become a governor. Everyone in my family from my son to my brother to my in-laws supports me immensely. They’re happy as we’re from the Dalit community and not everyone gets this type of respect. I am thankful to the BJP. If they do get, they feel proud. Now you’re saying I may be a deputy CM, that will be a big achievement for them and also for me.

Q. Do you think there will be confusion between Jatavs and non Jatavs?

A. There is no confusion, Non – Jatavs are already with us and also we’ll get 15-20% of the Jatav community. And whatever our vote bank is, will be there, that is not going anywhere. Swami Prasad Maurya has only deceived, which the public also sees. The public sees he runs from one party to another for his own benefit. But at least I can be there at one party for them where they can choose their leader, so their work gets done.

It can be a good step to have a Dalit deputy CM.  But the party will take a decision on this. And other two deputy CMs must also stay.

Q. What’s the promises that you are mentioning in the campaign? What do you think Agra SC seat needs more?

A. Apart from the Taj Mahal, we must focus on the leather industry because there is no pollution in it. Even now in every household, it is there as a cottage industry. We need to focus on that. We also need to focus on marble work and promote that. I have seen the effort is put in by workers but people in power take the benefit of their hard work. We need to help these peope

Q. How do you look back at your work as a Uttarakhand governor? How did you handle change of CMs during your tenure?

A/ There is a different kind of politics in the mountains. Traveling from one mountain to another and working for women is a difficult task. And what I learned from there was to work in any situation, no matter how difficult the situation is. I have always kept women ahead despite those difficult situations. I was a governor and I had a constitutional position. Whenever anyone CM or minister came to resign I had to comply.I was happy to help the next CM transition. I was happy to see every transition from Trivendra Rawat to Pushkar Dhami ji.

Q. Do you remember any atrocity as a Dalit or any unfortunate incident?

A. There was untouchability for Dalits in Uttar Pradesh. People used to think they’re from a untouchable community, we can’t eat food by them and not give food to them in the same utensils. It happened to me first when I was in 9th std. I had a friend, I went to her house, it was the month of June and I was thirsty, she did not ask me for water, I felt sad. After I lost cool, I asked for water, she kept deferring. I asked again and then she got me water. While I was, leaving her mother said they do not serve water or food like this and now they have done, I must wash the glass before leaving.. That’s when I felt the discrimination and that I am from the Dalit community. I told myself I wash my utensils at my own house, I’ll wash here as well. 


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