Former PM Imran Khan Will Be Arrested: Pak Interior Minister

| Updated : May 2, 2022, 2:46 pm
Updated : May 2, 2022, 2:46 pm

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NEW DELHI: Signalling more troubles for embattled Imran Khan, Pakistan’s Interior Minister on Sunday said that the former Pakistan Prime Minister will be arrested for sloganeering against his successor Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on the premises of Masjid-e-Nabawi (PBUH) on Thursday in Saudi Arabia.

“They will not be forgiven at all for what they did. Imran Khan will definitely be arrested,” Pak Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said according to a report by Pak daily The News. He further stated that the hooliganism at the holy mosque was orchestrated.

Imran is reportedly among the 150 people who were charged in the case relating to hooliganism at Masjid-e-Nabawi in Saudi Arabia.

Punjab Police in Faisalabad on Saturday charged a blasphemy case against the former PM and several of his former cabinet members. The FIR reportedly says, two separate groups were sent from UK and Pakistan to propagate hooliganism in Saudi Arabia.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif of PML unseated the cricketer-turned-politician and PTI leader Imran Khan in a no-confidence vote at the National Assembly of Pakistan.

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