Farmhouse where Satish Kaushik died had ‘big collection’ of banned drugs: Wife of owner

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By: Alok Singh
Updated: 11 March, 2023 11:54 pm IST

A woman has alleged that her Dubai-based businessman husband conspired to kill Satish Kaushik on the intervening night of March 8 and 9. The estranged wife of Vikas Malu, the owner of the  farmhouse  located at Bijwasan in Southwest Delhi, where Kaushik died after celebrating Holi has claimed that her husband had borrowed Rs 15 crore from the actor.  The woman made the claims in a complaint she lodged with the Delhi Police Commissioner’s office on Saturday, alleging that Kuashik was demanding the money back which her husband didn’t want to repay. She also claimed that her husband kept a huge collection of different types of drugs in the farmhouse.

“My husband has got a very big collection of different types of drugs namely ganja, amphetamine, methamphetamine,  cocaine, ephedrine, heroin, hashish oil and hashish, blue pills, pink pills, ~DMA, GHB, Crack, etc, which he is using in all his farmhouse parties in Delhi,” she wrote in the complaint. The The New Indian has accessed a copy of the complaint.

Kaushik flew down from Mumbai to Delhi to celebrate Holi at Malu’s farmhouse.

Earlier on Saturday, a senior police officer had said that they have recovered some ‘objectionable medicines’ from the farmhouse where the 66-year-old actor had attended the Holi party before his death caused due to cardiac arrest.

In the complaint, the woman claims that she got married to the businessman on March 13, 2019, adding that she was introduced to Kaushik by her husband and that the late actor met them regularly in India and Dubai.

She claimed that on August 23, 2022, Kaushik had visited their house in Dubai and demanded Rs 15 crore from her husband.

“I was present in the drawing room where both Kaushik and my husband got involved in an argument. Kaushik was saying that he was in dire need of money and it has been three years since he gave Rs 15 crore to my husband for investment purposes. Kaushik also said that neither any investment was made nor his money was returned for which he was feeling cheated,” read the complaint.

She also shared a photo of the businessman and Kaushik, taken at a party in Dubai. The woman alleged that the son of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim was also present at the party.

“My husband promised Kaushik that he would repay the money soon. When I asked my husband what was the matter, he said that he lost Kaushik’s money during the Covid pandemic. My husband also said that he was planning to get rid of Kaushik,” she said in the complaint.  Malu  planned to give him an overdose of “BLUE PILLS”, writes his wife in the mail.

The complaint said that the businessman had a heated argument with Kaushik on August 24, 2022 over the money.

“Then I heard Kaushik telling my husband that he had given him a promissory note. Now I read the news of Kaushik’s death. I fully suspect that it was my husband who along with his aides conspired and murdered Kaushik with drugs so that he doesn’t have to return the money,” the complaint read.

Over a dozen guests were invited to the party. The Delhi Police has made a list of the guests including the owner of the farmhouse. The Police will soon start questioning them.

Kaushik died on Wednesday after he complained of chest pain in the night. He was rushed to Fortis Hospital in Gurugram where he was declared brought dead.

Delhi Police took his body back to Delhi and conducted a post-mortem examination on him at DDU Hospital. A panel of doctors conducted the post-mortem examination and also preserved his viscera to ascertain the actual cause of death and find out whether any substance was present in his body.

The police have also not ruled out the possibility of a drug overdose during the party that might have caused his death. Further investigations are on.

His manager Santosh Rai had said that he did not drink and went to sleep at 9.30 pm on Wednesday. “He was all well and was not having any problem before going to sleep,” he added.

“At about 10.30 – 11 pm, he called me and told me that he experienced pain in the chest and was having problems in breathing. We rushed him to Fortis Hospital where he was declared dead,” said Rai.

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