EXCLUSIVE Interview | Is Snow-laden Himachal Poll Ready?

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By: Urvashi Khona | Tonmoy Thakur | SHIMLA
Updated: 12 November, 2022 9:01 am IST
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Conducting elections in hilly areas with unpredictable weather is never easy. With just a day to go before elections, the temperature dipped owing to snowfall and rain in different parts of Himachal. It has also made certain areas inaccessible. The higher reaches of Himachal Pradesh are wrapped in snow while the lower hills were lashed by rain.

How is the Election Commission dealing with these challenges? How will it ensure that close to 56 lakh voters including youngsters, elderly and disabled population is be able to cast their votes without any hiccups.

In an exclusive interview with The New Indian’s Assistant Editor Urvashi Khona, Himachal’s Chief Election Officer Maneesh Garg answers questions on the state’s preparedness for election day, the enthusiasm among young voters and why there were record seizure of alcohol, cash and drugs this poll season.

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