Delhi To Host First Mega Shopping Festival In 2023

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By: TNI Team
Updated: 06 July, 2022 11:27 pm IST

NEW DELHI: The country’s largest shopping festival would be held in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said today in a major move to stimulate jobs, business, and the economy in Delhi.

The festival will be held from January 28 to February 26, 2023.

The festival will offer 30 days of unparalleled shopping, discounts and prizes and unforgettable art and culture. People from all around the nation and the world will be welcomed to the festival’s main event, which will be set up with top-notch amenities.

The event will serve as a benchmark for Delhi’s place in the world. In the upcoming years, the Delhi government intends to turn it into the largest retail event on the planet. In conjunction with the Delhi Shopping Festival, exhibitions on spirituality, gaming, technology, and health will be held.

Highlighting the qualities of the shopping event, Kejriwal said, “Visitors will have an unparalleled shopping experience. There will be various exhibitions on spirituality, gaming, technology, health and wellness. There will be unlimited entertainment because we have planned to organise various entertainment programmes keeping the youth and families in mind.”

“Topmost artists from the world will be invited and over 200 concerts will take place. There will be a dedicated opening and closing ceremony which will be attended by thousands of people,” he added.

There will be special arrangements made for the people residing outside Delhi, special holiday packages including air and train fares, accommodation and visits to the festival, according to the official statement.

The festival will feature a unique food promenade with foods from all around the nation, including Marathi, South Indian, Gujarati, and Bengali fare. Every renowned eatery and hotel chain in Delhi as well as the entire nation will take part in the festival.

The “Delhi Shopping Festival” will significantly increase Delhi’s economic output. Businesses will have a great opportunity to expand, and thousands of new jobs will be generated. The event will bring together Delhi residents, businesses, government officials, and corporate leaders to collaborate.

The CM reiterated the commitment of his government to provide jobs to the people of Delhi.

“We have made employment generation our priority, which is reflected in Delhi’s budget and every speech, and interview of mine. Not just Delhi, but it is the most pressing issue for the Indian economy as well that our youth is employed. This festival will bring together the people, corporations, business and Delhi Government to work as partners,” he said.

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