Delhi CM vs LG: Kejriwal calls Saxena an ‘obstructionist’

Citing a Supreme Court order, CM Kejriwal said that the LG has no independent decision making powers.

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By: TNI Team
Updated: 14 January, 2023 2:00 pm IST
CM Kejriwal has accused LG Saxena of trying to stall development of Delhi.

Stepping up his attack on Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena, chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday called him an “obstructionist functioning and interference into the elected government of Delhi”. He cited a Supreme Court ruling to point out that the LG has no independent decision-making power.

After discussing “impending concerns” of the Delhi government with LG Saxena in a meeting, CM Kejriwal said, “If LG controls everything then what purpose does the elected government have to serve?

“We want to work with cooperation. LG trivially termed the order of the Supreme Court Constitution Bench a ‘mere opinion’ and said he doesn’t accept it. The Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court had ruled that LG has no right to take any decision on Transferred Subjects,” he said.

Further citing the court decision, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo said that even if a law is written in their name, the LG is bound by the aid and advice of the elected government.

“This means, the sealing of Jasmine Shah’s office, the nomination of 10 aldermen, the appointment of presiding officer, recovery notice of ₹164 crores, stopping teachers from going to Finland, stopping yoga classes were illegal and unconstitutional,” Kejriwal said.

Stressing that the LG has exclusive powers on reserved subjects of police, land, and public order, the chief minister said that other subjects including education, health, electricity, water and roads come under the purview of the Delhi government.

“I request the LG to not take part in this kind of politics, this is not good, and this is fatal for the development of the country and society. LG should keep a good constitutional advisor with him, who can tell him that the orders of the Supreme Court are not an opinion, but binding laws. If the Supreme Court has said that LG does not have the power to take decisions independently, then LG should respect the orders of the Supreme Court, the Constitution and the democracy,” he scored.

He further commented, “For the last few months, we have been witnessing how the interference of the Lieutenant Governor into the elected government’s working has increased day by day. The kind of interference we are facing from the LG is not only obstructionist but also a strong deterrent in the fulfilment of the needs and ambitions of the people of Delhi.”

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