Delhi Assembly Passes Resolution Supporting Pending Demands Of Farmers

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By: Aditya Ravi
Updated: November 26, 2021 20:23
Delhi Assembly passes resolution supporting pending demands of farmers

NEW DELHI: Delhi Assembly on Friday passed a resolution supporting the pending demands of the farmers, law on MSP, withdrawal of the cases against farmers and compensation for the families of those farmers who lost their lives during the protest period.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also congratulated farmers on the success of their movement and repealing of three contentious farm laws. “I fail to understand the Centre’s compulsion to not remove him (Ajay Mishra). Cases against farmers should be withdrawn. This victory is the victory of democracy and we are with our farmers till the end,” he added.

“Everyone, including students, old aged, journalists, people from across religions supported this movement. I want to specially congratulate the farmers of Punjab as they were the ones who led this movement. I also want to congratulate the women of Punjab who fought shoulder to shoulder with the men. This was the longest movement India has seen. I do not know of other such movements. One such movement in history was in 1907 which went on for nine months and that was also by the farmers of Punjab. All the false cases against the farmers should be withdrawn and compensation should be given to the families of all 700 martyred farmers. We are with the farmers till the end.”

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CM also demanded that the MoS Ajay Mishra Teni should be sacked immediately. He said that the demand of MSP is absolutely valid and this will not only help the political sector but will also help the agricultural sector of our country.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 19 announced the repealing of the three contentious farm laws that farmers’ unions have been protesting since last year.

“We brought the laws to support small farmers. Our intent was pure, but unfortunately we could not convince some of them… Today, I apologise if some farmers did not understand what we wanted to do through farm laws..” the PM had said while making a public announcement that the government is repealing the three laws.



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