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4 Startups Led By IIT Delhi Students Bag ₹2 Cr Grant

Four startup ventures led by students of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi have won a grant of ₹50 lakhs each under the Endowment Nurture Fund initiative launched by the IIT Delhi Endowment Management Foundation, institute administration said. Startups Circle, Bag-It, Onpery, and I-Stem are founded and helmed by students of the institute. While Circle,

This Ayurveda-Based Tool Can Help You Live Healthy & Productive Life

India’s quest for living a disease-free and super-productive life has been focused on preventive personal healthcare with a renewed thrust on identifying and implementing a set of dietary and habitual changes that work best for a person. In Ayurveda, this set of characteristics is known as prakriti or the characteristic personality of an individual. To make the

IIT Madras Gets ₹1081-Cr For Research, Consultancy In 2022

In a first, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras has generated more than ₹1,000 crores in funding and revenue, including ₹313 crores in industry consultancy, during the current financial year, said officials. The institute has received ₹768 crores of funds from projects sanctioned by the state and Central governments during Financial Year 2021-22. IIT-M

IndiGo Plane Catches Fire: Narrow Escape For 177 Passengers, 7 Crew Members

The falling standards of IndiGo once again came to the fore as at least 177 passengers and seven crew members had only the almighty to thank after a near-death experience on Friday.

LPU Paper Strip Makes Milk Adulterant Detection Easy

The milk we consume is often laced with harmful adulterants like detergent, soap and urea, and the process of detection is not easy. But now we have a convenient and affordable solution for the task, credit to Lovely Professional University (LPU). Researchers at Punjab-based LPU have developed low-cost, convenient and easy-to-use paper strips that can be used to check adulteration for