Enough of Nupur Sharma diatribe

‘Sar tan se juda’ has nothing to do with Islam! There’s no concept of blasphemy in Islam. It is a Pakistani import.

Introducing Gilgit Baltistan: A 21st century Pakistani ‘colony’ – Part 2

For Pakistan, a country that depends on Indus, India reclaiming G-B would be nothing short of a hydropolitical nightmare (even if one discounts the direct India Afghanistan land connection). So how is Pakistan pre-empting a situation like that?

Ilhan Omar deserved expulsion from powerful US committee

Omar arrived in the US at the age of 12 in 1995 fleeing the civil war in Somalia. She became a citizen five years later. In November 2016, she won the election for the U.S. Congress.

What people expect from Budget 2023?

People are looking to FM Nirmala Sitharaman to give them relief in the form of income tax and on their savings.

Will February 1, 2023 settle the hijab debate?

February 1st every year is a battle day for the hijab debate, which refers to the ongoing discussion and controversy surrounding the wearing of the hijab