PM Modi And Hindu Renaissance

There has been a Hindu renaissance as PM Modi has lent his hand in the restoration of the places of great reverence and also correcting the historical wrongs committed during the rule of the invaders.

America In Denial, Its Neo-Colonial World Order Is Dying

With over half of the world not standing by NATO in its war in Ukraine, US-led West needs to understand the message which is loud & clear — its neo-colonial approach & totalitarian capitalistic world order have reached their limit.

Ukraine-22: Lessons For The Proponents Of Multipolarity

Different mindsets, too much mistrust, a host of unresolved issues, significant socio-cultural hangovers, and other unknowns – is the collective baggage that contenders of global multipolarity carry on their back.

What Are Some Options For Pakistan?

An internalisation of the first constant: Pakistan has mutated into an entity that cannot bank on long-term strategies – is important at the beginning. Pakistan could have sailed long-term, back in the 1950s, but not anymore. Its character has not just shaped, but has ossified its destiny. So, the Pakistan of today has only short …

A Key Visit of Home Minister To J&K

The visit of the Union Home Minister has a marked significance. Apart from the political signalling of assembly elections, his visit also signifies the deep changes occurring within the valley since the abrogation of article 370.

Kashmir Under Assault From Lodhi Propaganda

Former Pakistani ambassador to the US, UK & UN, Maleeha Lodhi’s column on Assault on Kashmiri Identity in 'Dawn' is full of ISI propaganda written in collaboration with half-separatist dynast politicians, militants-turned-leaders and some unnamed Kashmiri journalists.

Nord Stream Blasts Opens Up Several Fault Lines Within The West 

The reaction of the West to the Russian Special Operation did well to fairly expose the inner structure of their Imperialist Club. The Nord Stream blasts have managed to keep the focus on that exposure.  

Deconstructing Islamophobia

The whole field of Islamophobia has been developed to shut off any criticism of regressive practises in Muslim culture.

Strategic Partnership Defence Policy Requires Pragmatism

The SP (Strategic Partnership) policy for the defence was formulated five years ago. The sole aim of this policy is to revitalise the defence industrial ecosystem and produce advanced weapon systems indigenously.

Politics Of The Veil

Any organic movement against the veil in India is seen as a conspiracy against the Muslims and Islam.