Safe & Sound: UP Police bring Atiq ‘home’

Belying all theories floated by the gangster-turned-politician, UP police bring Atiq Ahmed back to UP. He is lodged in Prayagraj’s Naini jail

EXC: Sad news for India as Namibian cheetah dies at Kuno

Kuno authorities will launch an investigation to ascertain circumstances leading to Shasha's death and fix responsibility, the sources told The New Indian.

Cornered, Frustrated: Congress targets Irani with disgustful comments

Congress leader Srinivas BV’s distasteful remarks showed that the party is yet to come to terms with the fact that Irani broke the shackles of the Gandhi family's hold on Amethi

Atiq Ahmed is no more …………….in Sabarmati jail

The whole country is watching Gangster-politician Atiq Ahmed’s transfer from Sabarmati jail with bated breath. The convoy is now moving along the Bundelkhand expressway and is likely to reach Prayagraj by evening today. The convoy is being closely followed by media persons, his sister and lawyers. “We do not know why the convoy was stopped.

Ghar Wapsi: UP Police take Atiq Ahmad’s custody; to bring him home

Team of 45 UP police personnel, led by IPS Abhishek Bharti, will bring gangster turned politician from Gujarat’s Sabarmati jail