India tests Agni V successfully, now Beijing within range

The test trials conducted during late evening hours came amid recent border tensions with China, wherein Indian troops clashed with Chinese counterparts along Indo-China border in Arunachal Pradesh.

Indian Army pushed PLA out of Tawang: Defence minister tells parliament

In a statement in the Lok Sabha, the defence minister said that the skirmish between soldiers of the Indian Army and the People Liberation Army (PLA) resulted in injuries to “a few personnel on both sides”.

India may get shape-changing military vehicle in future

What if India has such a vehicle that can run like a car on roads, effortlessly manoeuvre on bumpy terrains and can climb rocks like a man? Imagine the might such an automatic vehicle would add to the Indian armed forces and attract demands from across the world. The artificial intelligence (AI)-powered vehicle is in

Border States And UTs Get 75 BRO Infrastructure To Fulfill Security Needs

Owing to increasing border tensions with neighbouring China and Pakistan, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh virtually inaugurated a bridge built at a cost of 10 crore on Nelang border for strategic purpose and dedicated the bridge to the Indian army on Friday in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. The 65-metre-long bridge will help in convenient movement of the logistics.