‘Begani shadi mein Abdulla diwana’: Delhi CM steps up attack on LG

CM Kejriwal also questioned the existence of the post of the Lieutenant Governor in Delhi.

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By: Alok Singh
Updated: 18 January, 2023 12:42 pm IST
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CM Arvind Kejriwal speaking in the Delhi Assembly on Jan 17.

The power tussle between the AAP government and Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena notched up another level with chief minister Arvind Kejriwal mocking the latter, questioning his “interference” in day-to-day functioning.

In his address in the Delhi Assembly, CM Kejriwal came down heavily on LG Saxena for stalling the proposed visit of government teachers to Finland for training.

“Everyone knows that Finland has the best education system globally. We want to send our teachers to Finland for training, but LG sahib wants their training here in India only. Why should they train here?” he asked told legislators.

“I want to ensure the same standard of education for every child of Delhi as I have for my own children. Don’t poor children have the right to get the best education?”

Kejriwal also emphasised that democracy, constitution, and law are paramount for the state government and that the LG must also respect these three pillars.

“When we come to the Centre tomorrow and have our LG in Delhi – be it AAP, BJP or Congress, we will ensure the LG does not harass the state government,” he said.

He further said it is the people of Delhi who run the state on their taxes, it is their children in question, and his government will do everything possible to ensure a better education for their children.

Questioning the existence of the post of LG, Kejriwal retorted Saxena with the popular proverb ‘begaani shaadi mein Abdullah diwana’.

“What does the LG think of himself? Who is he? Who put him here? What purpose is he serving today? How can we let this man dance over our heads for no rhyme or reason? Will he decide where we will teach our children now? Such feudalists are rotting the country’s systems from the inside,” he said.

“I used to question how our nation lagged behind for ages despite being independent. These feudalists are the reason behind it. They have kept society poor and uneducated on purpose. They did not let our children flourish. The reality of their mindset has been exposed in the public sphere today,” said Kejriwal.

He further said: “The question of a Governor’s interference into the elected government has stroke a huge debate not only in Delhi but across the country. It is a matter of concern whether one man should hold all the powers of a state or should an elected government run it democratically.”

“I have no problem with anyone seeking their choice of education. You should always look out for the best possible education available in your resources. But I am completely against the idea of these people wilfully opposing better education for the poor while enjoying all the riches of the world,” he remarked.

On Monday, Kejriwal along with other AAP leaders held a protest march for preventing the proposed training of 30 Delhi teachers in Finland. The LG, however, said that he has not objected but asked the Delhi government to reconsider sending the teachers abroad, and they can get better training in India as well.

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